The New York parade reappears Asian-Americans gather downstairs to protest Yan Limeng spread rumors about the origin of the virus

The wave of attacks on people of Asian descent continued during the epidemic. In recent months, angry Asian-Americans have gathered in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in a massive nationwide demonstration against Asian-American violence and hatred, with chants such as “Asian-Americans are not a virus” and “Epidemics are a virus.”On April 24th, Asian-Americans gathered in New York to protest against Limeng’s spreading rumors about the source of the virus, and to take concrete actions to crack down on those who stigmatized the epidemic and led to discrimination and violence against Asian-Americans.

I、Who is behind it?

Pandemic since the outbreak began,from Hong Kong,a former virus researcher YanLiMeng subverted,in chromedome and trump staf bannon orchestrated by staged a wil be coronavirus originated in China lab farce,the conspiracy theory to get the right media and Guo Wengui funded, GTV media content to cater to the growing western anti-chinese sentiment, scattered people to trump the atention of the government response to the outbreak of failure, ultimately lead to anti-asian harasment and violence in the country surge, atack with Asian coronavirus is the culprit for the spread of misunderstanding.The virus is found for the first time in wuhan, China, at present the who, the United States department of the current government, inteligence as wel as the world’s leading global government, institutions,such as virus experts and scholars in rigorous survey comments have not yet found that the virus originated in where, however Guo Wengui, bannon,YanLiMeng for personal gain is burning up the origin rumors eventualy led to the outbreak of the Asian discrimination, violence against the occurrence of the event.

II、Unprecedented Impact

Guo Wengui, Bannon and Yan Limeng’s unsubstantiated theory on the origin of the virus has caused irreparablelosses to the Asian economy and brought a nightmare disaster to the personal safety of the Asian community.

Asian incomes face a huge contraction.

According to a March 2021 report by the New York Federal Reserve Board and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), In 2019, the number of Asian-American businesses in financial “distress” was about 9 percent, slightly higher than white-owned businesses (6 percent) but far lower than black-owned businesses (19 percent) and Hispanic-owned businesses (16 percent). Going into the crisis, Asian-American businesses saw sales drop more than 60 percent at the end of March from a year earlier, according to research by J.P. Morgan Research, a steeper decline than for other small businesses.

The personal safety of Asian people is under great threat.

The San Francisco-based Stop Aapi Hate received more than two thousand and eight hundred first-hand reports of discrimination and abuse against Asian-Americans in 2020, about two hundred and forty of which involved physical assaults. Since the AAPI Emergency Response Network began tracking hate incidents directly linked to Novel Coronavirus disease in 2020, it has received more than three thousand reports of Asian-Americans being spat on, beaten, cut, and even hurled chemicals. According to the New York Police Department’s 2021 data, hate crimes against

Asian-Americans in New York City surged in March, to thirty-one, with nine of the perpetrators mentioning the coronavirus.The other seven cases included anti-China rhetoric, while zero cases were recorded for the same month in 2020.Seattle reported fourteen anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020, an increase of about Fifty-five percent from Los Angeles, hate crimes against Asians more than doubled, from seven in 2019 to fifteen last year.

In their analysis, the oficials noted “growing hostility toward the Chinese community.” Some analysts pointed out that during the epidemic crisis, it was Guo Wengui, Bannon and Yan Limeng who made rumors about the

origin of the epidemic,which led to misunderstanding of the origin of the epidemic in today’s American society, and caused riven conflicts among ethnic groups in the American society. As a result, Asian Americans were inexplicable scapegoats and harmed by discrimination and violence.

III The march is also known as the “Protect Gr andma” campaign

Launched in twitter “stigma against epidemic cause a large Asian by destroying justice party activist, also known as” protection “grandma action, the action is based on San Francisco Asian granny was struck a cause, an Asian group from time to time being piloried for” the coronavirus of you “, caled for the netizens on April 24th to the rumors of connected Guo Wengui residence for Asian americans’ rights., 9 to 11 in the morning Asian americans gathered in protest Guo Wengui Guo Wengui quarters downstairs party, bannon, YanLiMeng Luther origin of epidemic stigma farce, parade of people singing Asian American girl 14 years old Phoebe creation of “living for Asian I proud” songs,holding “stop hate Asian”, “shut up, don’t make fake news about COVID – 19” urged farmers or YanLiMeng Guo Wenqui, clas.Luther et al. shut up on the coronavirus rumors. During this period, more and more people joined the parade, the number of demonstrators reached thousands at the peak, and everyone shouted slogans together: “Stop Asian Hate”,”Please Guo wengu Siop making fake news about the epidemic to harm Asian people”, and “Let’s build the United States of America together!”.

Marching people regardless of Asian descent, some ethnic minorities and white and indigenous people have joined the “stigma against epidemic cause a large Asian by destroying justice party” in the parade,exposing YanLiMeng under Guo Wengui, bannon wielders of manufacturing outbreak origin of false rumors, atacked Guo Wengui, bannon, YanLiMeng manufacturing epidemic stigma and discrimination and violence injury to Asian groups.Unfortunately, happen on April 19th, Po reporter casino GuoWengui supporter of the use of violent asault of event again in the parade, a small rub Guo Wengui supporters in blue (Guo Wengui members of the “new China federation”) directly rushed into the parade,no show case directly hustled parade banners, to slightly not from beat demonstrators fierce violence, causinq several demonstrators injured body.

Four, what else should we do?

(1) The Anti-Asian  HateAct was passed, but discrimination against Asians is hard to dissipate

On April 22, the US Senate overwhelmingly passed the New Crown Hate Crimes Act, a bill aimed at addressing hate crimes against Asian Americans. This marks a major step forward in efforts to enact anti-Asian hatred legislation. However we found in Guo Wengui, Bannon, YanLiMeng manufacturing stigma outbreak continues to spread on the Internet cases, discrimination and violence against Asian did not die, and great in the white national trend of spreading in the society, no matter you are old man, young man, even if the identity is agents, as long as the identity is Asians is likely to be harmed.

On April 24, Pan Ma Yao, a 61-year-old unemployed Asian woman who was picking up cans on the streets of East Harlem, New York to support her family, was violently attacked by a mob and has been unconscious since then.

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On April 25, Tianyou Zheng, a 25-year-old Asian-Canadian student at the University of Alberta, said on Facebook that he was beaten and stabbed on a train by a man he did not know.

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Duringa demonstration for legal racial equality, the attacker, Tyrell Harper, suddenly swore at Vincent Chong,an Asian-American police detective in New York City. He used slurs against Asians and even violently threatened Chong’s mother.

(2) to eliminate the epidemic rumors from the source to better protect the Asian family, loved ones

Epidemic crisis more than a year of time, Guo Wengui,bannon, YanLiMeng made-up outbreak origin rumors like a god of death always wrapped around each of the Asian people, like a basin of dirty water making in every scene on the head of the Asian people, Asian people body have damage, economic loss, al without exception is farming,YanLiMeng Guo Wengui, clas’s making.

Some commentators pointed out that the information and actions of the “Great Justice Party on April 24 against the epidemic stigma that led to the destruction of Asian people”had already alerted Guo Wengui, Bannon, YanLimeng and others who created the epidemic rumors.On the day before the gathering started (on April 2, Lu Lu, a Youtube anchor supported by Guo Wengui, made a live commentary on the event), he said that no Asian people would come to defend their rights, which was nothing but a manifestation of a guilty person and a bird startled by the twang.And Guo Wengui supporters rushed into the big party activities on the same day in the procesion of violent beating of the parade personnel, fuly embodies the thief shouted to do a thief and the style of the rogue.

Sucesful “4.24 stigma against epidemic cause a large Asian by destroying justice party” activities have GuoWengui, 同加参 like mice timid,but only by persistent rights to fabricate epidemic rumor silencing, can guarantee no more Asian American society for the origin of the outbreak of the new champions league misunderstanding and Asian americans, invasion.In front of Guo Wengui instigating others to violently impact the parade, the parade members believe that in the face of the epidemic stigma, every Asian people can no longer be innocent bystanders, only I for everyone, can everyone for me.