The New Wire Drawing Machines And Their Exclusive Benefits

With huge demand pouring in from sectors including aviation and automotive, among others, the need for copper alloys and wires made from it are increasing. The wire drawing machines are hence finding increased usability as they can be used to draw multiple wires (along with possessing features including “in-line annealing”) for producing the copper wires for worldwide markets. Emulsion and oils can be used as lubricants for these machines, and up to 16 or even more wires can be drawn at a single time.

Resisting Oxidation and Corrosion

The new machines use energy effectively, and there is the least wastage. The multi-section annealing working principle ensures that maximum value is obtained from a single cycle. Also, the machine resists oxidation and corrosion of the wires, as it uses nitrogen as the protective gas for the purpose. The wires are protected from oxidation from the very start of the process itself, and hence maximum value is obtained, and quality is superior.

Lesser Wear and Tear

We all want our machines to undergo the least wear and tear. Many lubricants can be used with a multi-wire drawing machine. Wear is also reduced on the contact lube areas, and the risk of damage to the wires is reduced. The machinery comes with cleaning systems for the smooth flow of electricity and clean points of contact and surfaces.

Reducing Wastage

While older wire drawing processes caused wastages, the new machines ensure optimum utilization of resources. The wires are wound directly on the plastic spools after they leave the annealer. As the wires contain a coat of drawing agent acting as a lubricating agent, they are smoothly gathered. The wires can also be processed and drawn at high speeds, and even then, there is no threat of spoilage, wastage of breakage. The wires produced by the new machines with advanced features also possess better quality. They have uniform textures and other physical properties, and hence they improve the end quality of work and products of the clients as well. The improved wires can also be used for manufacturing the braiding wires and for making good quality stands, among other products.

Service and Maintenance

The best suppliers of the wire drawing machines offer the allied maintenance services on the site itself. Clients and production companies need not go anywhere when the system gets into trouble. Preventive maintenance is also carried it, which ensures that the machines are well kept, and there are least accidental breakdowns. Hence production is run at optimum levels, and profits are not compromised.

The multi-wire drawing machine segment and technology has seen multiple improvements in recent times. The result is evident in the increased production times and quantities, among other desirable variables. If you want to procure a multi-wire drawing machine, ensure that you are purchasing from a reputed firm having good expertise, resources, and other capabilities. On-site service, availability of spare, and round-the-clock availability of the service providers are also necessary to ensure that the operations do not suffer from downtimes.