The New Wave of Affordable Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a piece of jewelry that will never lose their allure. Everyone waits for that moment when they seal their relationship with a ring. It is a matter of pride and also commitment and loyalty to your partner. It is telling the world you have found the one! Isn’t that the most beautiful feeling in the world ever?

However, the excitement about the ring also comes with a huge responsibility. Because of the significance of the engagement ring, there is pressure on both partners to shell big money to make their partners (and society) feel happy and content.

But in the recent past, there has been a change in the trend with couples making their own rules and moving away from a culture of show and tell. This is perhaps the reason why we are witnessing a new wave of affordable engagement rings where love and commitment take precedence over price and prestige!

1.  The Demand for Colored Gemstones Is on the Rise

Though a solitaire engagement ring is always going to have its fair share of takers given its classic and cult status, other types of rings are catching up. Take, for instance, the surge in interest for colored gemstones.

Some of the most followers celebrities also don a colored stone as their engagement ring. This could definitely be one reason why many couples are ditching the solitaire for colored gemstones.

In addition to the look and feel which is different for these rings and makes the wearer stand out in a sea of people, these can also be lighter on the pocket, depending on the gemstone you go for. Therefore, if you want to retain the charm and not spend a bomb on the ring, this is something you definitely can consider.

2. Wedding Bands Can Never Go Out of Style

Who said engagement rings have to have a solitaire for sure? Well, the classic wedding band is the desired choice of ring for several people who want to keep it subtle, simple and classy.

There is a wide variety of types of bands available in the market and you can experiment with the look and feel depending on your preferences. You can set a budget that you want to spend on the ring and choose one that fits. You won’t be disappointed!

3. Two-Stone Ring

Buying a two-stone ring can actually save you more money than going for the conventional big rock. You need to do your research and find a seller who understands your needs and delivers something in your budget without it seeming fake or cheap. Remember, it is a possibility and you can get great deals even under $500. Go pinch yourself and get to work!

The Final Word

Engagement rings are a special piece of jewelry that will always stand out no matter how much or how expensive jewelry you have. You can get an engagement ring for as little as $500 if you look well enough.