The New Trend Is To Trade Forex Using Virtual Servers

Would you like to trade regardless of whether your laptop or computer is on or off? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is like your computer that is based in the cloud. Virtual servers can work for you 24-hours a day.

Forex robots and your computer may fail to work when they are not switched off occasionally for maintenance. Prolonged use of these machines comes with an added cost, including high electricity bills and hard drive failures. VPS covers all the disadvantages for you. It lets you have a virtual computer in the cloud that would progressively work for you for a whole day and night regardless of whether your device is on or off.

What Is VPS In Forex

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual PC in simple terms. It is a windows Linux or windows based virtual computer. The servers are hosted in the cloud by companies that provide VPS services. These companies give you access to part of their servers. You can install windows in it and access remotely through your laptop, home personal computer, or phone.

Suppose you are using a laptop, home PC, or phone. The VPS lets you install forex trading software which would automatically trade for you. In that case, you may choose any forex software that works best for you.

Why Do You Need VPS For Forex Trading?

Virtual Private Servers are not usually subject to downtimes such as poor internet connectivity, and power cuts. The VPS would let you take trades throughout the night when you are asleep thus avoid interruptions in your trading. Challenges such as power outages and poor internet connectivity cause the trading software to stop and you may miss out on the gain or loss of a trade.

Other problems that you may encounter with your computer, laptop or phone include the crashes and freezes. These problems would come when you are using the same computer for other functions like working on documents, gaming, or watching. The case is different for a VPS which only runs your trading software and would be much less likely to crush.

How Do I Choose A Good VPS?

The choice of a VPS can be difficult sometimes because of the many VPS providers. We take you through the process of choosing a VPS provider and further to narrowing to the right VPS for you. There are essential criteria that would guide you to the best choice of a VPS for your forex trading. They include;

The Support And Availability

A proper VPS should have an uptime of 99.9% in order to consistently offer the forex trading software uninterrupted trading time. Also, the VPS ought to have a good technical support system to allow for an efficient operation.


The RAM is the memory size of the virtual private server. The recommended memory size for every Meta trader 4 (MT4) should be at least two hundred to two hundred and fifty megabytes.


The price of a VPS varies based on the size or the VPS provider. The popularity of a company may dictate the price of the server that you choose. Sometimes you might pay more for the features that a VPS has and in other cases you might incur high prices for popular brands.

Proximity To The Trade Server

The proximity to the trade server is only critical for specific trading systems for example, high frequency trading systems which are rarely used. If you are using a high frequency trading system, the proximity to the trade server would be the most important factor for you.

Virtual Private Servers allow you to continue trading uninterrupted thus maximizing the benefits that you would get in the long run. Choosing the best VPS starts from understanding the key factors that would guide the efficiency of your forex trading.