The New Seven .NET Features You Need to be Aware Of

Choose the proper framework if you want to create a multifunctional website or application. Today we want to talk about such a giant as .NET. It has been working for more than 20 years and is constantly evolving, and new valuable features appear that help create even more complex software and simplify the programmer’s work.

A few words about .NET

Dot Net framework was launched by Microsoft in 2002. Gradually, this project scaled and developed, new features appeared, and the community grew. Today, approximately 30% of all programs have been created using this framework. It is possible because it has a large number of advantages:

  • Simple interface;
  • Supports many programming languages (more than 40);
  • Huge library with ready-made solutions;
  • Huge community.

This framework allows you to create software for various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and HoloLens. There are a large number of tools and ready-made solutions that help you efficiently and quickly create complex software that can easily scale.

Many programmers underestimate the benefits of the vast community of this framework. This allows you to constantly develop the library, share your best practices, create something new, and develop the IT industry.

When developing a unique custom solution for any business, it’s crucial to work with .NET specialists who have the knowledge and expertise required to build a high-quality, efficient product. By partnering with .NET development team, you can ensure that your solution is optimized for performance and meets your specific needs and requirements.

.NET the most useful features

.NET has features to help you create great software faster and easier. We want to talk about the 7 most useful of them.

  1. Open source code

This framework offers you a vast library of ready-made modules that you can use for free. To create software, you can combine and modify them thanks to open-source code.

It supports many programming languages, allowing programmers to use the tool that suits them best, given the knowledge and specifics of the project.

  1. FCL Class Library

It has a vast class library with many tools that make it easy to work with technical specifications (encryption, HTTPS connection, file streams, APIs, and more).

Thanks to this library, you can speed up the process of creating software and improve it for data protection.

  1. Visual Studio compatibility with.NET

Microsoft developed the IDE known as Visual Studio. You can create, test, and deploy applications using it.

This IDE incorporates.NET, which offers numerous extra features. You can develop software for the Internet of Things, desktop computers, mobile devices, and cloud technologies here. Using Microsoft Visual Studio offers a number of potent features, including:

  • Easy navigation in the source code;
  • Easy cross-language debugging on any platform;
  • Elementary unit testing;
  • Joint work of several specialists in real-time;
  • Easy scalability.

If you want to find more keys to scaling a business, you should check out an IDE from Microsoft which probably might be found on their website. It will definitely help your business to evolve constantly and offer new features to customers.

  1. .NET Memory Management

The fact that Visual Studio for.NET Applications makes it simple to analyze efficiency in terms of CPU and memory is one of its key features.

You can use this useful tool to determine how much memory your app uses and to remove excess garbage when it does. Here, you can make the most of application optimization to make it compatible with low-end devices.

  1. Azure functionality and performance

The cloud computing service Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of options, including computing, machine learning, storage, and monitoring services.

For instance, the framework and cloud computing service are easily combined because they are both owned by the same large corporation. You could, for instance, host your.NET-based application using Microsoft Azure.

  1. Flexible Deployment

Another advantage is that you can deploy multiple applications simultaneously thanks to parallel installation, which is available. On the same machine, each application runs with a different version of.NET without interfering with the others.

Greater convenience and flexibility in application deployment have been made possible by this customization, which was not possible with the framework’s earlier iterations because the software required constant updating.

  1. Standard

All platforms created using this framework should implement a specific set of APIs, according to the.NET Standard, an API specification. It enables you to create a cross-platform application that is as straightforward as possible.

In the end

.NET is an incredibly successful framework that is hugely popular worldwide. It has many features that help create exceptionally high-quality software that will fulfill the goals and objectives for which it was created. It is ideal for creating a complex multifunctional website or mobile business application. It has the advantage that all applications scale well, making it easy for companies to compete and scale.