The New e:HEV Hybrid Tech Improves Efficiency in Honda HR-V

The third-generation Honda HR-V with the new e:HEV hybrid system not only makes it more powerful but extra efficient. As part of Honda’s vision to electrify all its European models by 2022, Honda HR-V has abandoned the diesel options and pure petrol engine systems for e:HEV petrol-electric hybrid system.

It’s now confirmed that the 2021 Honda HR-V already released will bear two motor e: HEV powertrain, which promises a fun-to-drive experience. This will be the latest Honda Model to adorn the e:HEV badge. The first badges appeared in the new Jazz and Honda CR-V.

Unlike the traditional hybrid engines, the new e: HEV hybrid tech employed in the HR-V produces electricity that’s aimed at assisting the motor. The end result is a smooth ride and acceleration as well as efficiency in energy consumption.

From then onwards, the e-technology branding will feature in all Honda electrified models which include motorcycles and other non-automotive engines.  If you are a green movement enthusiast, thus crossover SUV is the ideal car as it’s built to meet the 95g/km co2 emission. Additionally, it has a regenerative motor that enables it to run a reasonable distance without plugin-in to recharge thus keeping your fuel bills at minimal.

2021 Honda HR-V Review

Whereas the released SUV loaded with the e: HEV was first released on 18th February 21, 2021 in Japan, it remains to see when it will be launched in Thailand. As they unveil it for sale in the Thailand and Indian auto market this year, it’s expected to have the powertrain equivalent to the HR-V released for the Europe market.

The new Honda HR-V is more exciting and fun compared to its predecessor –the outgoing Honda HR-V. Looking at the exterior of the just-released subcompact crossover in Japan, this small SUV comes with a new design that gives a more mature look.

Nothing has been mentioned about the size of the car but the appearance tells a story of a wider SUV compared with its predecessor.

The slatted honeycomb grille is designed to blend the bumper. The silver garnish on the bumper matching the HR-V colour gives the impression of a well-connected car. For better visual connection, the slimmer headlights are coupled with stripe-like LED daytime running lights.

Just like its predecessor, this new HR-V has a coupe-like roofline from the side view. And while you feel more superior riding under the panoramic glass roof, the thick skirts and wide wheels give the impression of a sporty crossover.

As you read the “HEV” badge indicating an electric hybrid powertrain under the hood, the wide rear LED light bar stretching from one taillight to the other will glue your eyes to the expertly designed rear side.

As you enjoy the comfortable light penetrating through the glass roof, the breeze of fresh air from the air conditioner will leave you relaxed and enjoying the interior. The tablet-like large infotainment with a nine-inch touchscreen makes the interior totally different from the previous versions.

To get the revving you desire, you have the option to select the driving mode that suits the terrain. For maximum comfort, Honda has borrowed the “magic seats”  from earlier Honda models.

The e:HEV Hybrid Powertrain in 2021 Honda HR-V

Just like the Jazz, the new Honda HR-V carrying the e:HEV offers three drive modes: Hybrid Drive, Engine Drive and Electric Drive. By selecting the Electric Drive mode, the SUV runs 100 percent on electric power but at a slow cruising speed. The e in HEV represents the electric part of the drive mode.

For the engine to receive stronger punches, selecting the Hybrid Mode will be the best option. The electric motor and the petrol engine combines power giving optimum power output. This option promises an exceptionally efficient ride that’s economical.

To test the maximum speed of the 2021 Hybrid Honda HR-V, select the petrol engine as it will burn fuel faster.

If the Japanese HR-V model will be unveiled in Thailand, will offer a 1.5L hybrid petrol engine car equipped with two electric motors. The powertrain of the new HR-V is likely to match the one found in Hybrid Honda City. As in other Hybrid SUVs, it won’t be a surprise to ride the e:HEV Hybrid Honda HR-V with a front-wheel drive.

Connected to the greener engine is opted to be a CVT automatic transmission system to complement the smooth electric motor rotations.

Whether the Honda SUV e:concept is incorporated in the new 2021 Honda HR-V model remains to a wait and see.  


 A more powerful, fuel-efficient and greener model of the Honda HR-V will definitely hit the European, Indian, Thailand and other many auto markets in 2021 and 2022. And like the City eHEV the luxury, efficiency is designed to dominate in the new HR-V model.


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