The Need for Fat Freezing Techniques.

The process of fat freezing also known as Cryolipoysis is a common type of treatment used for reducing the nonsurgical fats in a person’s body. It involves the use of cold temperatures in order to reduce some excess deposits of fat located in different areas of the human body. Especially the bulges and deposits of fat that do not show any kind of response to the diet routines and exercises followed by an individual. The cool sculpting technique is not necessary for individuals who are either overweight or obese.

Areas for Cryolipoysis

An individual who wants to get their treatment done must always visit a qualified and experienced medical expert or doctor in their own clinic or office. The doctor would carefully check and examine the various features of the fat deposits like their shape and size. Most experts however prefer to mark certain areas of the body that are not getting affected by sufficient diet and exercise. Usually, they use a pencil to mark the areas of fat deposits. After marking these areas a device known as the applicator is used for freezing the layers of fat cells, also known as adipocytes that are located underneath the skin of the patient.

The procedure

  1. Firstly, they use a gel pad for applying on the areas of fat. This gel is considered to be extremely suitable for protecting the skin during the treatment. After this, the bulge of fat is vacuumed into the applicator through its opening. The patients would feel the sensation of someone pulling them while the applicator is being used by the doctor.
  2. During the whole process of fat freezing the patient would feel various kinds of sensations including that of intense cold, aching, cramping and others. Most of these symptoms are lessened after the time span of ten to fifteen minutes. The areas consisting of the fat bulges would turn completely numb during the whole process.
  3. The most common temperature for cooling down the deposits if fat is around 30.2 to 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The average time required for completing the fat freezing process or treatment is around an hour. Once the treatment is completed the doctor removes the applicator from the area.
  4. In order to make the process of breakdown of the fat cells easier, the area of the body can be massaged for around two or three minutes.

The Reduction of Fat Cells

The method or technique of fat freezing is actually used for finding out whether the cells of fat are susceptible to the damage caused by cold temperatures. It has been found in several studies, that the cells of fat can possibly get injured due to cold temperatures and climatic conditions. Upon getting triggered by cold temperatures the body starts showing inflammatory responses that lead to the death of the excess fat cells.

The amount of fat lost

Scientists and other medical experts have researched and found tag the process of Cryolipoysis had helped individuals to lose around fifteen to twenty-eight per cent of their body fat. Although this weight loss takes place gradually over the span of four months. You must note that this will never replace for your laziness to visit the gym. This is a therapy and a treatment not a weight loss program.

Nevertheless, it has been found that people have noticed the reduction of excess fat in their bodies about three weeks after the completion of the procedure. People are showing interest in the fat freezing treatment as it does not involve many risks and also there is no requirement for sedation or anaesthesia on the patients.

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