The Necessity to Keep the AC Duct Clean and Well-Maintained

Duct cleaning basically relates to the cleaning of different cooling frameworks and segments of the AC unit. This includes grilles & diffusers, fan motor, and fan housing, air handling unit housing, and supply and returns air ducts & registers.

If these are not appropriately installed, worked with, or kept clean, these segments might get contaminated with particles or residue of dust or different trash. And, if the dampness increases due to change in weather, then there is potential for microbiological development, to expand and spread contamination into the house’s living space. This can lead to some serious illnesses like Asthma and Allergies.

Most of the people believe that a properly working HVAC system can significantly increase the indoor air quality. However, just wiping down dust and loose particles from the air conditioner duct is effective to exclude contaminants from the air inside your house.

Importance of Cleaning the Air Conditioner Ducts

Do you know that every year your home creates a considered 40 pounds of dust? Are you shocked and want to know where the specks of dirt come from? The answer is within the air ducts. Apart from this, let’s understand why you should clean the air ducts regularly.

1.   Duct Cleaning Reduces the Health Problems

After a certain period of time, dust and other air particles accumulate in the duct system of your AC. The air kept in the HVAC system transmits destructive foreign substances that shockingly influence your family’s health. Also, if the dust has built up into a huge amount, this can give you and your family members different skin problems such as asthma, allergies as well as other respiratory diseases. On the other hand, with regular duct cleaning, you can restrict these health issues from infecting your family.

2.   Routine Duct Cleaning Reduce other Toxins Levels

Bacteria, germs, and mold do not require much help for growing. And, the growth cycle can be hugely accelerated in humid conditions. Sometimes, the AC ducts get so infested with mildew or bacteria that only professionals from trustworthy AC repair services providing Handyman Services in Dubai can assist you to keep the air in your living space breathable. And, if you maintain a daily routine to clean the AC ducts, then you can easily avoid the repairing cost by preventing damages.

3.   Increase the Lifecycle of your HVAC System

Your HVAC system must be one of the most expensive investments and surely you don’t want to easily purchase a new heating and cooling system. Moreover, you might prefer to use your HVAC system for the longest time. However, as per a recent report, because of less maintenance, 9 out of 10 heating and cooling systems do not last long.

Alternatively, if you well-maintain your HVAC system, through regular duct cleaning, then this cleaning procedure can significantly add years to the lifespan of your HVAC system. So, prevent the possible system breakdown and right now call a reliable HVAC contractor from AtDoorstep.

4.   Duct Cleaning Reduces Monthly Electricity Bills

The presence of rodents, dirt or toxic makes your heating and cooling system hard to work. As a result, your HVAC system will consume more energy to keep your home cool or hot. This will definitely raise electricity bills. Apart from this, when AC ducts are covered in dust, debris and loosen particles, it reduces the performance of the HVAC system.

But, if you regularly clean the Air duct and remove those loosen particles and dust, your HVAC system can effectively distribute clean, as well as fresh air, throughout your entire house.

5.   Make Sure Your House is Safe

Every year, due to loosening particles and debris that has gathered within the ductwork, many homes catch fire. The risk can be increased, in case you have an old heating and cooling system. And, if you place elements such as the fireplace, stove, furnace and other portable heating elements near the HVAC system and use propane or any other fuel to run these items.

When the debris in the duct comes in contact with any of their devices or appliances, fire risks will be increased hugely. However, a proper duct cleaning procedure can simply help you to avoid this tragic situation, as well as also protect your home from any other HVAC related fire risks.

Why Choose a Professional Duct Cleaning Service?

Now, if you have decided to clean the AC duct, then it’s essential to hire an AC repair through Handyman Services. Apart from this, a professional cleaning service can secure your safety in the following ways.

1.   Proper Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the air duct, there shouldn’t be a single bit of dirt or dust remaining on it. It means you have to thoroughly clean the grille and the inside of the duct. With the right tools, only professional cleaners like AtDoorstep can do it. Besides, after cleaning, the professional experts cross-check and ensure that the duct is cleaned properly.

2.   Safety Consideration

The dirt and dust gathering on the AC ducts can lead to serious skin and health problems. Besides, a speck of large dust can be built upon the floors or on the walls. In this situation, you should rely upon professional duct cleaners by availing Handyman Services, as the experts wear gloves and masks, as well as take other necessary safety precautions while cleaning the duct.

Also, sometimes you might have to apply some chemical biocides inside the duct and other components in order to kill the microbiological contaminants. Without deep knowledge and required tools, the task will be difficult and the best way to do it is to hand over the task to the professional cleaners.

3.   Energy Efficiency

When all its components are well-maintained, a heating and cooling system can function efficiently. However, efficiency can only be achieved if you hire professional AC duct cleaners to clean the ducts. Besides, professional cleaners have several years of experience in a specific field. Hence, they can deal with any kind of issues that might appear during the cleaning procedure.

What’s Next…

So, if you have recently replaced your HVAC system or have moved to a new home, then it’s the ideal time to call professional AC repair services to clean the AC duct. Also, if any of your family members is suffering from asthma or allergy symptoms or any other breathing issues, then cleaning the duct can help to reduce the symptoms.

To clean the air duct, a thorough visual inspection is necessary and you can’t detect all the debris with the naked eye. So, as an alternative, you can contact the experts of AtDoorstep and clean the duct properly