The myth and realities behind all timepieces

No matter what the brand name. there is a mystique around the 10:10 time that watches showcase on all advertisements or on display sections. People have tried to decode the reason behind this norm for years, only to throw up one new conspiracy theory after the other. There is no definite answer at all, and maybe looking through some of the crazy theories behind luxury watches for men and luxury watches for women will put your curiosity to rest finally.

So what are the absolutely crazy theories that have come up over the years to make sense of the 10:10 tradition on watch displays? Let’s take a look.

1. The Watch Inventor Theory

A popular myth persists that the inventor of the pendulum – mostly attributed to Dutch mathematician Christian Huygens – had something to do with this tribute. While some say it is his birth time and some others swear it’s when he died, there are many who feel the first correct time ever displayed was 10:10. And hence, the tradition continued.

With no clear indication of when Huygens invented the pendulum clock and with a series of notable inventors making possible the invention, it is a theory easily disproved.

2. Martin Luther King

The second popular theory to be tested today is the belief that10”10 was the time of the assassination of the American Civils Rights activist.

The time of his being shit is 6:01pm while his death occurred at 7:05 pm – facts out there for the public to scrutinise.

3. American President Homage

America has tried to sway the pendulum of reason towards them – by claiming the time shown is a tribute to either President Lincoln’s time of death or that of John F, Kennedy.

Although the soft power of the largest watch making country cannot be denied, truth is none for these Presidents died at said time.

4. The Atomic Tragedy

Many believe 10:10 to be the time when “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, levelling out the two cities and bringing never seen before destruction.

The actual time was 8:15 am for Hiroshima, and 11:02 am for Nagasaki.

5. Victorious Allied Powers

The letter ‘V’ after the win of the Allied Powers in World War 2 is believed to resonate with the 10:10 sign as they emulate each other.

Although the theory seems sweet as it exemplifies the spirit of the martyrs, we can’t be entirely sure as there is no evidence to either back or discredit this notion.

What is the Truth?

People in the watch and advertisement industry will tell you none of these really stand true. Timex started shooting all watches at 8:20, but with the signage looking like a frown, that had to be soon changed. The reverse of 8:20 was 10:09:36.

The other reality is that 10”10 simply helps show the watch in all its glory, and visibility is high for all elements.

No matter what the reason, the timelessness of luxury watches UAE still exist and there’s no denying that.