The Most unique Cigarette Boxes For Your Business

Smoking has become a common practice among people throughout the world. Some do it out of fashion, while others are addicted to it. There are so many tobacco brands in the business as its tough for you to stand out among the crowd. Many factors can collectively determine the attractiveness of your selected whole cigarette boxes. Not only high-quality material should be used, but the advanced printing is also equally necessary. Here are some tips on how to make some unique cigarette boxes for your business:

The size and shape of the box

It’s wise to choose such a packaging design that is affordable but gives a great visual appeal. If you try to be different from your competitors, it’s an excellent way to attract customers and increase the revenue of your business. The size and shape of the cigarette case matter a lot when it comes to tempting customers. Gone are the days when something traditional was in fashion now the shoppers look for something unique. Many tobacco brand owners are using the empty flip-top boxes, which come in a rectangular shape. If you want to be exclusive, then try something minimalist, which is similar to the form of a lipstick or perfume pack. The custom cigarette boxes which are slim do no occupy a lot of space and look very graceful too.

Choose an attractive scheme of colors

No customer would like to buy an unattractive box of cigarettes and keep it inside their pocket. The plain cigarette packs which are white or brown will never appeal to people as they are on a lookout for something inspiring. According to a research, the dark brown packaging used for cigarettes is the most common reason to bring down the sales. You will commonly hear people using words like dead and dirty while they describe the look of such cardboard cigarette boxes. You have to look deeper and understand what customers can be satisfied with. A right colour can work wonders for your brand. If you want to target elite class, then using black and blue colors will be proved fruitful. If you are on a hunt to attract youngsters, then flashy and bright colors will be suitable. An e-cigarette box, also known as an electronic cigarette, is commonly used with a vaporizer by the luxury-loving people these days.

Try Innovative designs

Cigarette brands are introduced in the market almost every day, making the cigarette box packaging industry more competitive. The thing that makes the brands different from each other is the packaging. So it is essential to pay attention to create packaging that is unique and innovative. Various packaging suppliers can help you with custom cigarette packaging, and you can get your package designed according to your preference. The design can be customized according to the need of your brand, and innovative and attractive design could increase your sales in no time. Cigarette box printing is the best option to avail because you can get your brand logo printed or even a special message for the customers on the package. It is entirely your choice to choose between sleek or long packaging styles. Whatever fits your brand’s image can be created for you in a short period. Unique and intriguing packaging can help mislead the young adults who are hesitant to try out smoking because of health issues. They could ignore the damaging effects of smoking and still get enticed in purchasing the cigarette box.

Special Finishing Effects

Printing and customizing the cigarette Boxes can play an essential role in making your packaging attractive, but giving a finishing effect can give the box an elegant touch. The glossy and matt finish can make the box look graceful, and men of all ages could get seriously attracted to the packaging. The gold and silver foil coats are in demand, and many big brands are using this technique to make the cigarette box packaging attractive and stylish. The advanced professional finishing techniques help to make the box look dazzling and attract the customer’s eye at first sight.


With so many brands of cigarettes coming in the market or everyday basis, the competition is undoubtedly getting stiff and tiring. Just follow the ideas discussed above, and you could be the next one to get your brand on the top in no time.