The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Around the World

With your wedding day approaching nearer and nearer every day, you might find yourself juggling between a lot. From deciding the venue to sending out invitations, you have to look after it all!

And all these responsibilities leave little room for you and your spouse-to-be to plan fun things for yourself. We understand the struggle, and so, here we have compiled a guide to make decisions easy for you.

Here, you will find the top honeymoon destinations of all time. You need not waste time searching and shortlisting the best. Instead, you can just pick one and directly move on to step two of honeymoon planning. So, let’s get to it!


By far, Mauritius happens to be amongst the most popular honeymoon destinations almost every year. With its ethereal white beaches, crystal blue lagoons, and coral islets, it’s often recognized as heaven on earth. The place houses phenomenal natural scenic beauty as well as loads of fun activities for newlyweds. You could enjoy romantic walks along with exquisite dinners and create lifelong memories with your significant other.

Some of the best romantic activities to do in Mauritius are:

  • Witness Sunset at Riambel Beach
  • Swim with Dolphins at Tamarin Bay
  • Conquer Your Fears together at La Vanille Crocodile Park
  • Get Massaged at Mauritius Spas
  • Visit Chamarel Village

As for the weather, it’s quite pleasant in Mauritius all year long. In summers, you can experience 20 – 28 degrees. It’s hot, humid, but also wet. Thus, Mauritius is a good honeymoon destination if you wish to explore water sports with your spouse. Or if you wish to spend all your honeymoon indoors, chilling to your best. In winters, however, the temperatures drop down to a pleasant level.


Be it the best honeymoon destinations in 2022 or the best honeymoon destinations in 2021, or even if we go back five years. Bali will always be a prominent part of the list! The place is packed with beauty, adventure, and fulfilling bits of culture.

You can trek up Mount Batur with your loved one and have a super romantic breakfast at the top of a volcano. Or perhaps, you can catch up with the Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple to experience a foreign culture. Bali is also a good place to unveil the hidden talents of your beloved. You could join a cooking class and learn how well either of you can handle Indonesian dishes or other cuisines that excite you. What’s more, the golden brown beaches of Bali offer exotic experiences and lifetime memories.


Next, we have the evergreen Maldives. It is quite undisputedly one of the most harmonious, beautiful, and romantic places to be.

Here, you can enjoy exquisite and fancy candlelit dinners with your beloved. The resorts located here are nothing less than luxurious. Plus, you can also try a hand at a couple of massages, especially the ones offered by One and Only Reetha Rah and Six Senses Laamu.

Apart from your quality time at resorts and spas, you can also go diving in the gazillion reefs. The colorful sea life underneath also calls for a rich snorkeling experience, which is something you cannot experience elsewhere in the world.

Cape Town

Located in South Africa, Cape Town is a much less celebrated and relatively undiscovered honeymoon destination. But let us tell you the place holds wonders for you.

Unlike most other honeymoon destinations, Cape Town offers you an up-close experience of nature. Reality replaces dreams for you and your loved one as you take a luxurious safari trip to Kruger National Park or in Zimbabwe. Both of you get your hands on bits of raw reality and exposure to self and the world in a much-pampered way.

For more romantic activities together, we recommend taking a helicopter tour over the coastline. You can witness mega wildlife creatures, like whales and dolphins, swimming their way through the waters. The aerial view gives views and insights into the world that you may not be able to experience otherwise.



Perhaps, one cannot have a dreamy honeymoon except in Iceland. Home to heavenly, arresting Northern lights, this place is simply beyond magic.

The majesty of these lights and the cultural richness around open newer gates of dreams and hopes. It provides room for your soul to meet your beloved’s. And most importantly, it enables the celebration of love.

You can go sky gazing with your partner and witness the shifts of changing yellow, green, and red hues. Or you can cozy up with your partner in the Blue Lagoon Spa. We also recommend visiting the most beautiful waterfalls to newlywed couples here, including the Skógafoss and Detifoss.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the top five honeymoon destinations of all times listed before you, we hope you can pick one up conveniently and enjoy yourselves. Honeymoon is more about the quality of time you spend together than the materialistic aspects around. So, keep your priorities straight and have fun!