The Most Recommended Massage Therapist for Runners

Runners commonly need to learn which massage can help them recover better, improve performance and avoid injuries. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about suitable massage for runners and where to get a Massage Therapist in New York City.

Here are the four most recommended types of massages for runners are:

1) Release massage, which combines movement from side to side with the hands over the muscle area to help release muscle adhesions and tissue scars.

The therapist uses his hands to feel the texture and mobility of the soft tissue to focus on the stiff areas and work to break these adhesions with his hands and increase the movement of the muscle.

This deliberation massage is very useful for discomfort in the hamstrings or back of the thigh. It is also used to relieve fasciitis on the sole of the foot and for leg cramps.

2) Swedish massage, which consists of the masseur making circular or linear movements of varying pressure with his hands to release muscle tension and increase blood flow without causing damage to the muscle. Swedish massage is widely used in the days leading up to long-distance competitions or to recover after hard workouts. 

3) Pressure massage is a massage modality that attacks muscle knots and areas of pain that the runner has and exerts deep pressure on the hands to help loosen adhesions. In this case, the masseur does not move in the area and only exerts pressure with his hand.

This massage type is very useful for treating injuries to the iliotibial band, which is the lateral part of the thigh, discomfort in the calves, and pain in the back of the thighs or hamstrings.

4) Deep tissue massage is when the masseur moves the entire muscle, exerting a lot of pressure to reach both the surface and the deep layers of the muscle. The difference with pressure massage is that in this, it focuses on a single point, and in deep tissue massage, the pressure is applied to the entire muscle, going from one side to the other. Usually, the session focuses only on the muscle area that is causing the discomfort.

It is ideal after very long or intense training sessions, such as speed ones. The idea is to give yourself a weekly massage in the afternoon or morning after your last hard training. For a competition, consider your last massage 3 to 5 days before the event.

How can I find a massage therapist near NYC?

One of the challenges people have these days when looking to get local massage clinics for runners on the internet is finding a reputable one. Since there’s a lot to pick from and not all medical massages in New York City offer the same quality of services. So, you’ll wonder how to get a good NYC deep-tissue massage that thoroughly checks out each selection of quality and perfection. You can do that by checking out reviews about the clinic and getting recommendations from people that have used such a company’s service.

Before scheduling an appointment, each massage facility should provide consultation to meet your individual needs. We recommend you visit Elite Massage Therapy facilities near your home or workplace and discuss your requirements with them. One of the finest things you can do for your physical and mental health is to invest in a skilled physical therapist.


Suppose you are in search of a sports massage therapist near your region. In that case, you can look into getting the services of the number one reputable medical massage in New York City, Elite Massage Therapy. This is a place to find and get a quality massage as well as equipment. You can book an appointment with us today by using our website.

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