The Most Hyped Upcoming Skate Brand

After many skate brands have been commercialized and lost their hype within the skate community, there is finally a brand we can be excited about again. In 2020 Francesco Pareti, a young South African, founded the new skate brand Bullyboy Grip. Bullyboy Grip makes Unique skateboard grip tapes with artistic designs. This was the sort of innovation the skate industry urgently needed.

Not just has Bullyboy Grip dominated the South African market with their grip tapes, but now they are planning on expanding worldwide. Talking about expanding, Bullyboy Grip has announced that they will be releasing their skateboard decks on the market soon and are working on a second mobile game.

Their first mobile game named Bullybox was a massive success in the skate community and has reached number ’55’ in the “Apple App Store Top Charts” for ‘Adventure’ games. The hype for the mobile game is generated through its competitive leaderboard. At the end of each month, the player with the highest score on the leaderboard wins Bullyboy Grip products. This has motivated many fans all over the globe to play their game to win some free grip tapes. Creating a mobile game has made Bullyboy Grip an extremely modern brand. The founder and CEO of Bullyboy Grip, Francesco Pareti, believes that in 2022 a skate brand has to be digitally represented. Bullyboy achieves this through the mobile game, augmented reality stickers, and their social media accounts (Instagram: @bullyboy_grip | TikTok: @bullyboygrip).

Bullyboy Grip is also actively involved with the skate community by starting a social media video series called “can you do a kickflip first try.” In this video series, an employee of Bulllyboy Grip goes to different skateparks and asks the skaters there if they can land a skate trick first try. If they can, they win a free grip tape. This has made the brand very popular amongst the Cape Town skate community. It gives the less privileged skaters who can not afford new grip tapes an opportunity to get a Bullyboy Grip grip tape. Another grip tape giveaway they do is a scavenger hunt. They hide a grip tape somewhere in Cape Town, South Africa, and post a video of the area on their social media, and then someone can find it. Bullyboy Grip has a more modern and unique approach to what a brand traditionally should be.

All of us are excited to see what they do next.

Photographer: @undeletedgold (Instagram)