The Most Fearsome Rivalries in the History of the Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League is just a few weeks away. The 2022 edition will be another exciting year with so many new things happening. For the first time in a while, the IPL will once again be a 10-team affair and all teams have newly acquired players that will be fascinating to watch.

However, what’s not new but will never get old are the intense rivalries we’ve seen in IPL history. It will be interesting to see how the people’s favorite rivalries will perform on the field now that all teams have new players on board. 

And so, before you place bets on IPL 2022 by 10CRIC, let’s have a look at the best rivalries in the league. This would help you have an idea of which matches you should never miss this year. Aside from that, we’ll also be letting you know their head-to-head scores so keep on reading!

Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals

Mumbai Indians have quite a lot of intense affairs with other teams and one of them is with Delhi Capitals. It just makes sense why these two have it intense on the field. Mumbai and Delhi are the biggest cities in India and this is also why every time these teams meet on the field, it is called the battle of the heavyweights.

Mumbai Indians have won the IPL four times now but unfortunately, Delhi Capitals have never won a trophy. This doesn’t mean Delhi Capitals hasn’t done well in the league though. This team has so much potential and who knows? This may be Delhi’s year and maybe we’ll even see these two teams go against each other in the playoffs. These two have never met during the playoffs so once it happens, it will be an exciting time. 

Head to Head Scores:

Delhi CapitalsMatches30Mumbai Indians
0No Result0
213Highest Score218
66Lowest Score92

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

This is one of the oldest rivalries in the history of IPL. This started on the first season of the league when KKR’s Brendon McCullum lit up the field with his unbeaten 158 against RCB. This placed RCB in a bad spot and they ended up on the 7th spot when the season concluded. Since then, these two teams have always created friction on the field. There was one time when KKR captain Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli has had heated arguments. 

KKR has been one of the most successful IPL teams with a total of five titles. Unfortunately, like Delhi Capitals, RCB has also never won a title. RCB now has Faf du Plessis as its captain who just recently replaced Kohli. This year, KKR’s captain is Shreyas Iyer who also replaced Eoin Morgan. Many RCB fans are happy about this change and are also looking forward to seeing Kohli focus on a different role.

Head to Head Scores:

Kolkata Knight RidersMatches29Royal Challengers Bangalore
0No Result0
222Highest Score213
84Lowest Score49

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings

When talking about IPL rivalries, nothing would beat what Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have. This rivalry is dubbed as the IPL’s “El-Classico” which is what EPL fans would call one of the biggest rivalries in football: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Outside the IPL, these two cities are also quite rivals in the entertainment industry. Two of the country’s biggest entertainment industries are located in both cities. Bollywood is based in Mumbai while Kollywood is based in Chennai. 

On the field, MI and CSK are the two teams that have played against each other the most. They’ve met on the field 32 times and many of these matches were the best that IPL fans have seen. These two are also the most successful teams in the IPL so it just makes sense that they have the biggest rivalry in the league. 

The rivalry between these two teams also started in the very first IPL. MI had Sachin Tendulkar who is called the greatest player in the history of cricket. Meanwhile, CSK then had MS Dhoni who knew so much about Tendulkar’s moves. The rivalry between these two players bled out to their teams and until today, the strife continues. Every year, the match between these two shouldn’t be missed.

Mumbai IndianMatches32Chennai Super Kings
0No Result0
219Highest Score218
136Lowest Score79


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