The Most Effective SEO Practices For Blogs

The internet is getting more and more rich day by day with a huge number of blog content getting introduced. As a result, only the best set of blogs that ensure credibility and reliability have a fair chance to be promoted on the internet. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has its importance.

SEO is now considered one of the most basic aspects of the success of a blog,  especially because blogs are mostly accessed through search engines. But most people misunderstand SEO as a practice of stuffing keywords on content irrespective of its quality and then posting it on the web. Here, we will have a look at the basic SEO measures that can improve the ranking and reach of a blog. 

Optimize The Title

A compelling title is very important for any blog as almost 80 percent of the readers choose a blog if the title seems attractive. You should design the title in such a way that it fulfills the interest or query of the target audience. Keeping the headline under 66 characters, you should incorporate the right keyword phrases that you have already used in the content. 

The Right Keywords

Keywords are literally the key to promoting or displaying your blog content for a relevant search. Search engines use keywords to compare the user’s search words with various blog contents on the web and provide them with the most relevant result. You should optimize your blog with the best set of keywords that are highly relevant to its topic. You may use Google’s Keyword Tools to choose the right set of keywords based on the search and conversion patterns. Keywords should also be used organically in a blog rather than adding them for the sake of it. You can generate the perfect keywords by connecting with the best agencies offering quality SEO in Dubai.

Use Only Original Content

Google and other search engines always give value to unique and original blog content that engages the visitors. Thus, you should check the blog content for any possible plagiarism, and organize the content with proper headings and subheadings. This will help the search engine to crawl and index the content easily and will ensure the value of your original blog content. Using original and fresh content will also improve your chance to generate backlinks from trustable websites.

Encourage Long-Form Content

Google always tends to rank good-quality long-form content higher than short-form blogs. Blogs over 3000 words have high possibilities of getting better SERP rankings and quality backlinks from credible websites. But you may promote your large blog content by providing a small summary with a ‘read more’ option so that they will not be discouraged to see the huge content at the first sight. You should also design the blog with bulletins, short summaries, etc so that the readers can easily identify what they are looking for. You may also add an option to promote the blog through social media channels to generate more traffic. But the CTA should be given at the top as 80 percent of the visitors do not get to the end of a blog.

Use Relevant Images

Using relevant images at regular intervals of the blog content will improve the overall reading experience. This is the same reason why Google encourages blog posts with relevant images. Images also make the key ideas of the blog post memorable, so that the readers will find the blog beneficial and promote it for the content quality. The images should also have titles and captions with specific keywords relevant to the blog topic.

Add Meta Description and Tags

A short meta description will enable the search engines to find your blog easily. It should have the relevant keywords and should summarize the blog so that the readers know what they are going to click. Adding tags will help the readers to find specific categories of blogs from your blog page or homepage. The key here is to use the right WordPress plugin so that the tags can be organized on the basis of specific factors. You may talk with a reliable SEO company in Dubai to have a better idea about meta descriptions and tags.

Include Autocomplete Synonymous Keywords

Whenever you start a search on Google, you will be provided with various ideas for your blog topic and the keywords to be used. This will allow you to add synonymous keywords in the blog content so that it will be ranked for a wide range of synonymous search queries. With long-form content, you can ensure that the maximum number of synonymous keywords are added organically.

Add Credible Links

You should add credible links as references to your blog content. The reference content should be a well-updated one as Google does not encourage outdated or older content. You may also keep professional organizations, industry experts, and other reliable categories as your reference.

As we have seen, SEO isn’t just about keyword generation and placement. Thus, the next time you are coming up with a blog, make sure you include all these aspects.