The Most Durable Flooring Choices For 2021

When choosing flooring for your Calgary home, you have to consider more than appearance. You want a floor suitable for the room, so it remains durable and maintains its look longer. Durability provides a more dependable flooring, so you enjoy easier maintenance and have less worry about damage. Here we look at the five most durable flooring choices for 2021.

1. Beautiful Hardwood

Your heart might have skipped a beat when we mentioned easy care and durability if you had your mindset on the hardwood. But be still your heart, as hardwood flooring Calgary is not just elegant, they are also easy-care and durable. In fact, when it comes to long-term investment, hardwood wins hands down. Since they never go out of style, their durability is even more attractive as you know they’ll withstand the hands of time from an aesthetic standpoint as well. If hardwood is too expensive, their more affordable counterparts, engineered hardwood are just as beautiful and just as durable.

In fact, you can speak to your Calgary flooring experts to find out what type of wood flooring they recommend for the most durability. They can also recommend floors with special finishes to offer improved water resistance and durability. However, hardwood isn’t recommended for every room in the house, which brings us to our next option, tile.

2. Resistant Tile

Tile comes in all kinds of designs and materials that are both beautiful and resistant to damage. This has always been the flooring of choice for areas including foyers, mudrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. With so many designs and styles to choose from it’s easy to choose a tile ideal for your décor scheme. As well, you can choose a more affordable tile for rooms as such as laundry rooms and mudrooms that will get more wear and tear, but not be trod on by guests, and put more money towards main areas like bathrooms and entries.

Tile is very moisture resistant, which is why it is so popular in areas where there will be wet shoes, wet feet, or more risk for spills and water drops and leaks. They are spill-resistant making them ideal for kitchens, and also take on lots of foot traffic ideal for halls and entries. Excellent options include limestone, travertine, slate, and granite for more formal, elegant looks. Ceramic and porcelain are perfect when looking for unique design features, or a more affordable option. These tiles are also fade and stain resistant maintaining their colours and patterns for years to come. 

3. Modern Vinyl

Another great option for high-traffic areas prone to moisture is vinyl. With the modern vinyl tiles available today you’ll never sacrifice design. Vinyl tile is available in all types of colours, patterns, and durability levels and can also be mixed and matched to create your own customized floor pattern. Ideal for the same applications as stone, ceramic, and porcelain tile, you can easily create an on-trend look even in areas such as offices and living rooms. It is water-resistant and comes both in standard tile sizes as well as plank designs to provide an alternative to less durable laminate floors. Luxury vinyl comes in all kinds of faux looks to compete with natural hardwood and stone tile at more affordable prices. And let’s not forget basements. Vinyl is an excellent option for below-grade rooms where you need to minimize the risk for seepage. It offers an affordable option that will stand up to heavy foot traffic, as well as the most discerning designer eye.

4. Comfy Carpeting

While carpeting often gets a bum rap, it still provides the most comfortable feel underfoot. Families love carpeting as it provides a warm touch and a soft place for kids to lie and play. Today there is no end to the carpets available including organic materials and special finishes that improve stain resistance. When considering areas from bedrooms to living rooms and family rooms to stairs, carpet is an excellent, surprisingly durable, and affordable option. Don’t let the look prevent you from considering carpeting, as it comes in so many colours, textures and patterns you’re sure to find something that appeals to your sense of aesthetics.

5. New and Improved Laminate

Last but not least are the new and improved laminate flooring options available. Modern laminates have advanced in leaps and bounds to produce more durable, realistic flooring options. There are even more water-resistant products on the market, although it always makes more sense to go with moisture-resistant materials in heavily moist areas such as the bathroom. 

There you have it, five exceptional durable flooring options for 2021.