The Most Common Signs Showing That You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom

If you have been in the same house for years and using the same bathroom as well, your bathroom vanity has likely become sort of an eyesore for you unless you have replaced it. If you consider the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, you will notice that the last thing you want is an ugly vanity and a sink to ruin your moments of relaxation. Though it might remain functional, it won’t be optimal as you can guess better. This being the situation, if you’re still thinking about whether or not you need to change the existing vanity, here are the reasons…

Reasons to change bathroom vanities

  • You have decided to sell the house – Do you want a hike in the overall resale value of your house? Well, you might be thinking of remodeling the same. If so, the first thing to start with is your bathroom. With your bathroom renovation, you can expect roughly a 65% return on investment (ROI). The bathroom has a huge impact during the house tour. It can literally make the difference between a potential buyer and once to walk away. No one wants to use a rusted faucet or sink every day. If you want to change the bathroom vanities on a budget, opt for discount bathroom vanities.

  • If you see any sign of mold – Mold issues should be solved without delay. Or else, it can spread throughout the house. This includes the air vents and surrounding walls. The vanity cabinet in the bathroom gets water daily from the faucets. And thus,the growth of mildew is quite common. It is a major problem. The presence of mold and mildew are a key reason for asthma and allergies. And this can be a major concern for families with occupants having respiratory problems. With the development and growth of mold and mildew, the vanity is likely to get damaged and deteriorated over time. You may use a special spray to eliminate it, but if the moisture leaks from the rusted sink, it will come back soon. To handle the issue, replacement of the sink and vanity would be the right option.
  • If the vanity looks odd among surrounding décor – The renovation won’t be perfect unless it is consistent. If you update the rest of the room to give it a sleek and contemporary look without renovating the bathroom, the renovation project won’t be a successful one. Your effort money and energy will go in vain. As you remodel the house, you must take care of the bathroom. Remember, we all need to use the bathroom several times a day.
  • If there are any plumbing challenges –The bathroom plumbing issue is something very scary to the homeowners. When you need to go to the bathroom, you will simply need to go. It can’t be delayed or postponed. But if the sink is clogged, you may face a problem brushingyour teeth or washing the hands. Plumbing problems come across your daily life. Whether the fixtures are leaking, clogged, or backed up, resolve the issue before it becomes something awfully expensive. Be it a new discount kitchen cabinet or a bathroom vanity, if there is a plumbing issue, you will have to face hard times.
  • If the size is not perfect – If your family is growing or your spouse needs more space, it would be problematic to accommodate in case the vanity is small. The occupants will need to deal with the clutter. Things will be knocked off the surface and so on. On the other hand, if the sink is too big and takes up maximum space in the crowded bathroom, you need to change it. So, it is highly recommended that you install a rightly sized sink that is not too small or not too big either.

These are just a few of many issues that require you to change the existing bathroom vanity cabinets.