The Most Common Myths About Your HVAC System

HVAC services have time and again been used by homeowners and business owners to maintain related appliances within their premises. Installation, servicing, and maintenance of these systems is not cheap, and apart from this set of issues, many property ownersstruggle with doubts and myths about these systems, which are not entirely true. Let’ssee some common misbeliefs people have about HVAC systems so we can work on separating fact from fiction.

Change Your Filter Once in a Blue Moon

Some people believe that the filter they get when they buy their system or the onethey install in the unit will last forever. One fact about changing the filter is that when you are not using the HVAC, you may not need to replace it as often. But, when you are using it on a regular basis, you must change the filter once a month. Having a clean filter makes the system operate optimally without overloading or damaging it. For households with a lot of pets, filters need to be changed even more frequently. You’ll find a range of filters at your local hardware store, many of which are specifically designed for homes or even businesses with furry pets.

HVAC Unit Size – The Larger the Better

Property owners often assume that a larger HVAC system will help regulate the temperature much better. Actually, that is not the case.Every system should be installed according to the surface area that it covers. A bigger unit on a small property will only end up working more to remove humidity. It will also be overkill. A professional contractor and team of experts will help you install the appropriate HVAC system for your property.

Service Plans Aren’t Worth It

Any HVAC system needs to be serviced on a regular basis. HVAC services are mandatory in order to keep the system up and running. You can always choose a service plan provided by your contractor to keep the system in the best state possible. This will avoid future mechanical issues and breakdowns, which aren’t only costlier to fix, but save you from the hassle of not having the right temperature for your home or business.

Fix an Air Leak Yourself

If someone tells you to find an air leak within your property, think again. This is another myth because finding an air leak in your property is a major task even for a professional contractor. In some cases, even larger leaks pose a huge challenge. Leaks lead to inefficiency in operation, so get the help of an expert to get the issue remediated then and there. Periodic maintenance will rule out air leaks and saves you money in the long run.

Reading through these myths will guide you to make the right decision for your home or office. While modern day HVAC systems are built to last for decades, it doesn’t mean that they’re fail-proof. They require care and maintenance, so consider this seriously or else you may end up with an emergency in the middle of a cold winter night. Always be prepared beforehand rather than addressing it as the situation arises.

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