The most common mistake people make is about the type of Indian visa


E-Visa has 5 sub-classifications, for example, e-traveler visa (for 30 days/long term/05 years), e-business visa, e-clinical visa, e-clinical orderly visa, and re-gathering visa. An outsider (barring those applying for re-gathering visas) may direct supported club exercises under this segment. X Visa, otherwise called passage visa, is a visa given to outsiders coming to India. As per the Government of India, the accompanying people might be conceded an X visa: Foreign companion/offspring of an outsider of Indian plunge. An individual of Indian plunge who needs to go to India for occasions and different purposes.

India IVISA is an internet-based travel approval given by the Government of India. There are three primary sorts of electronic visas for India, e-traveler visa, e-business visa, and e-clinical visa.

Traveler visa for India

TYPES OF INDIAN EVISA Vacationer e-Visa or just e-Visa for India is a web-based authorization to travel for venturing out to the country with the end goal of the travel industry. With an e-vacationer Indian visa, the holder is permitted to remain for as long as 90 days, except for Japan, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, whose residents are permitted to remain for 180 sequential days.

TYPES OF INDIAN EVISA This kind of visa for India was made by the Government of India in 2014 Those who are qualified and ready to go to India and upon landing in the port of section should have a legitimate e-Visa India. E-traveler visa for India can be utilized for the accompanying reasons:

  • The travel industry
  • Meet companions/family members
  • Yoga retreat

Here are the best 5 purposes behind Indian e-visa dismissal and 7 hints to keep away from them

  1. Concealing crook foundation: INDIAN VISA REJECTED WHAT NEXT Whether your criminal history is concealed in your application for an Indian e-visa. In the event that you attempt to conceal this reality from the Indian Immigration Authority in your India Visa online application, your application is probably going to be dismissed.
  2. Not giving complete name: This is a typical mix-up and handily kept away from yet sadly is an integral justification behind Indian e-visa dismissal. You should give your name, family name, and center name, on the off chance that you have 1. Try not to utilize initials or center names. Instances of Tony and Baker or Tony Baker rather than Tony Ross Baker are displayed in the identification.
  3. Numerous/Unnecessary Applications: This is a typical justification behind the dismissal of the INDIAN VISA REJECTED WHAT NEXT. This implies you recently applied for an e-visa that is as yet dynamic and substantial. Model: You have applied for a business e-visa for India in the past which is substantial for 1 year and permits various passages. Or on the other hand, you may as of now have a 1 year or long-term vacationer e-visa for India which is as yet substantial yet you have lost the email or printout. In this present circumstance, if you re-apply for an Indian e-visa, it is probably going to be dismissed as you are just permitted 1 Indian visa online at a given time.
  4. Pakistani drop: If you were brought into the world by your folks, guardians, or spouse or you were brought into the world in Pakistan, you referenced any relationship with Pakistan. For this situation, your Indian e-visa application may not be supported and you ought to go to the closest Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission to apply for a standard or customary Indian visa.
  5. You want to go to the Indian Embassy and begin the cycle here to apply for a normal paper visa. Wrong e-visa type: When there is any inconsistency between the principal reason for your visit to India and the Indian e-visa you apply for. For instance, the primary explanation you go to India is of a business or business nature however you apply for a travel visa. Your expressed reason should match the kind of visa.


As indicated by the movement division of specific nations, you can not reapply after your visa application has been dismissed on the grounds that the circumstances under which it was dismissed won’t change for the time being. Accordingly, as a rule, you will actually want to re-apply following a half year of your visa application being dismissed


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