The More The Better! Tips, and Tricks On How To Grow On Tik-Tok!

If you aren’t a boomer, then you must be spending lots of time on Tik-Tok. 

That’s a Tik-Tok joke!

Anyone who hasn’t lived under the rock during the last couple of months has heard of this app. It’s a platform where viewers watch millions of personalized short videos and get to share their videos with the rest of the world. It’s a fun and exciting way to spend time, and for some people, it has even become a source of a stable income.

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to grow on Tik-Tok, you are in the right place!

  1. Spend time on the app

It’s quite simple to get a grasp on Tik-Tok. But to find out what excites and bores people, you need to spend some time on the app. After seeing many different types of short videos, you will have a better understanding of what qualifies as quality content on this app.

In addition to this, you will get familiar with the current and most popular trends. After all, people who follow challenges and trends have a higher chance of going viral. 

So, don’t be shy.

Jump on as many trends as you can! 

Start your trend and challenge sometime!

  1. Post frequently

Just like on any other social media platform, consistency is essential on Tik-Tok. There are millions of new, creative, and entertaining videos every day on this app. You won’t be able to stand out, and no one is going to remember if you pop up once in a while and then disappear. To grow on Tik-Tok, you have to post at least several times a week.

The more videos you post, the better chance you have to gain views and followers!

  1. Make short videos

Tik-Tok now allows users to make 60 seconds long videos, but no one is going to wait till the end, especially if you are a beginner and don’t have a set amount of followers. Tik-Tok users will most likely skip your video if they don’t get interested immediately. This app will increase your reach if more people watch your videos till the end, so you don’t want people skipping. Try to make your videos 10-15 seconds long and not more, and you won’t lose a potential follower.

  1. Quality of content & creativity

Once you spend some time on Tik-Tok, you start thinking that people already did everything-dancing, singing, playing instruments, cooking, etc. But then a video pops up that catches your attention because it’s different than anything you have seen on this app. That’s what you need high-quality content and creativity. Jumping on trends and challenges is vital, but that doesn’t mean copying some else’s video.

Creativity matters!

Even if you think that the video you shot is weird, don’t be shy and post it. This app loves weird videos! 

  1. Don’t ignore your audience!

Engaging with other people is essential to growing on Tik-Tok. It not only helps you reach your audience but to get to know them a bit. Try to find time to like comments or to reply to some of them, sometimes follow people back.

Live streaming is also a way to go!

Every time you go live, your followers get a notification. So, it’s an excellent way to remind them of you from time to time. In addition to this, You can answer questions they ask in chat and make them more interested in you.

  1. Use popular songs and hashtags

Using songs on videos and hashtags in captions is a huge part of Tik-Tok. People on Tik-Tok watch videos with the sound on, and when they hear catchy, popular song chances, of them staying till the ends of the video are high. As for hashtags, make sure that they are trending and relevant to your video.

So, if you want to become popular on Tik-Tok, take these tips and tricks into consideration.

But don’t forget to have fun while filming and editing videos!