The Modernization of the Restaurant Industry via Restaurant Digital Signage


Evolution is at the heart of every successful business. Companies will only grow if they evolve in response to changing circumstances and customer demands. This certainly applies to the restaurant industry. When it comes to the hospitality industry, particularly the restaurant industry, they have grown significantly by embracing the most recent communication style. 

Do you know what the most recent trend is? It is digital signage including outdoor digital menu boards for a restaurant. This communication style is direct, efficient, and engaging. It encourages customers to order quickly and engage more with restaurant!

Did you know?

In order to update the dining experience, digital signage is growing in popularity. This is because it offers a more effective means of customer communication and may be utilized to promote sales. According to one report, 88% of restaurants are thinking about switching to digital menu display board as the digital signage market is predicted to reach $27.8 billion by 2026. In addition, digital menu boards help boost a store’s annual revenues by $16,000. We’ll sneak a glimpse at some of the top restaurant digital signage examples including outdoor digital menu boards in this article. We’ll also look at a few advantages for modernizing the sector that could result from this.


One of the biggest restaurant chains in the world, McDonald’s, was a pioneer in the use of digital signs. A computerized restaurant menu, kiosks, and smartphone orders were all part of its $6 billion marketing overhaul strategy that was first unveiled a few years ago. 

Over 7,000 eateries across the globe have been covered since the deployment began. Sales have increased, and customers have visited them more frequently, yielding amazing results. Digital display boardshave increased sales and decreased client wait times, which has received great feedback from customers. 

Burger King

Over the past few years, Burger King has undergone numerous adjustments. One such adjustment was replacing all paper menus with digital ones, which greatly enhanced consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Outdoor Digital menu boards were added to Burger King outlets in London and Birmingham in 2010. 

Within just a year, the company saw a 64% rise in sales! Based on this achievement, they introduced their fresh idea, 20/20, to Mexico in 2016. When they switched from paper menus to LED displays, customer engagement and experience once more increased.


In comparison to its rivals, Subway used to be a bit of a laggard in terms of innovation. However, Subway has upped its game recently by allowing Facebook orders and working with delivery partners. They also brought ordering kiosks and digital sign board to improve the client experience.They are seeking for innovative approaches to offer a superior eating experience. 

This time, the emphasis is on providing digital components to improve your food. The business uses a variety of technology, such as digital menu boards, to give its clients an engaging experience.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Restaurants

Starting with improving the customer experience, a restaurant digital signage software system offers various advantages. It can be utilized to boost operational efficiency in addition to boosting sales and decreasing client wait times. To help the employees better manage their time, restaurants might use digital signs to indicate cook times. Additionally, consumers can get nutritional details about food items from digital displays. This is especially beneficial for folks with dietary limitations or who are health-conscious.

Here are a few benefits of using digital sign board for restaurants:

1. Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

Aren’t we all aware that word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best strategies for generating sales? Why don’t we all employ a creative method for disseminating reviews created just for this purpose? With digital sign board, you may broadcast your social network postings or display client testimonials and reviews. You can interact with what other users post on these sites by writing comments and conducting polls to spice things up (if possible).

2. Give menu details, advertise specials, and highlight new items

When customers can view images and descriptions of menu options on a digital display screen, they may place their orders more precisely. Additionally, the restaurant will waste less food, and the customers will be happier because they will receive their exact orders.

3. Affordably Increase Your Restaurant’s Marking Activities

Do you remember the days when restaurants were required to print fresh menus every time a new item was added to the list? That certainly got pricey! Thank goodness, this is never an issue with digital signs. Employees don’t have to repaint or reprint physical signage when modifications are made quickly with digital menu boards. As a result, fewer errors and less wasted materials occur.


Restaurants can benefit in a variety of ways by investing in digital signage. Consider using digital signage as a replacement if you’re seeking for innovative ways to upgrade your restaurant business. Along with other things, you can increase revenue and improve client satisfaction. You ought to pay close attention to restaurant digital signs. You’ll be happy you did it once you see how it affects your bottom line.