The menace of Silverfish and how to deal with them

Silverfish are not fishes but tiny silvery glistening insects that can live up to eight years. They are one of the most common pests found in homes and though they are small, they can wreak havoc by damaging and making small holes in furniture, clothing, fabrics, upholstery, documents, books and wallpaper. They are tough to tackle as they hide in hidden areas and to effectively eradicate them, calling in Pest Control  Melbourne  service provider is the answer. These insects feed on starch, fibers, grains, dry items, and sugar and seek shelter and areas with moisture in ample supply. They love paper and dig holes eating through books, boxes and other materials. 

How to identify silverfish?

These insects have scaly bodies that resemble fish scales. They are usually silver or gray colored with a broad head that tapers down with three appendages covered by bristles. They are usually nocturnal but suddenly appear in day light amidst books, and clothes that have been left untouched for some time. To eradicate them you may use natural and conventional techniques including use of repellents and traps yourself but the best option is always contact a professional pest control Wollert company. 

Know what attracts these pests to your homes

Most of us are usually in the dark about how these silvery pests came in the first place. Unlike other pests they are not attracted to messy and dirty homes but they seek moisture. So their presence indicates your home has moisture. They eat common construction and building material, and they infest clean residences too. They can survive on dust alone which contains pet dander and human skin dried bits. Even when they die, others in their group will eat off their dead bodies.  Being moisture loving they prefer living in protected places like under rocks or logs and leaves. Inside the homes they inhabit and hide in books, near sinks, and in furniture. Their presence is never limited to just one and being elusive, it is tough to get them out. Calling in expert Pest Control Reservoir  service provider ensures total removal of silverfish from your property. 

Signs of Silverfish infestation in your homes

Spotting: If you spot even one wiggly silverfish, you can be rest assured that there are more. They are rarely seen during daylight hours as they are active at night. 

Silverfish droppings: You might spot tiny black peppercorn like pellets beneath furniture or spaces in between cupboards.

Belongings develop yellow stains: When you find that your documents, diaries, cardboard cartons or fabrics have turned yellow with small stains, it is silverfish molt yellow dust. 

Skin molts: Silverfish shed skin continuously in their lifetime. The outer shells are delicate, tiny and transparent, indicating silverfish presence.

Damage to household articles: Any damage that you may identify is a clear indication of infestation by silverfish. These pests feed on starch and attack linen, clothing, wallpaper and make holes spoiling them. 

So to preserve your belongings from silverfish infestation it’s advisable to hire professional pest control Wollert services. Professionals are well equipped to remove these pests and make your life easy. 

Do Silverfish pose any harm to you and your pets?

No, silverfish are not dangerous to people as they do not sting, bite or carry disease causing pathogens. So even if they are not harming you bodily, you do not want them around. They are unpleasant to have around and do damage to building materials and household articles. Their skin molts or droppings might incite allergic reactions in some people. Their molted exoskeletons can cause reaction in people especially to those who are allergic to dust mites. To avoid this, reach out to Pest Control Kalkallo service providers who have permanent solutions executed by trained experts.

Tips on how to eradicate silverfish effectively

Make your own trap: Being starch loving, these pests are attracted to any place that will supply them with starch. So put dried cereal, flour or any pet food in any glass container. Keep the lid open and wrap the outside with tape. The silverfish will reach inside the jar using the tape surface but will fail to get back as the smooth surface inside will not allow it. This method is non toxic, cheap and safe for kids and pets. 

Using newsprint to attract silverfish: Moisten newspaper and roll them. Silverfish will crawl in and make their nests. After a few days put these in a sealed container and throw them away. You can also burn the paper. 

Use sticky traps: Most hardware or home garden stores stock up on sticky traps that are effective in silverfish removal. Place this anywhere you feel you think silverfish has been spotted or active. Check in a few days and remove traps that have silverfish stuck on them. 

Use bay leaves: Bay leaf, a commonly found in your kitchen, is a good way to get rid of silverfish. Keep a few dried leaves around silverfish activity. They get strongly repelled by the oil of bay leaves. 

Use cedar oil: This oil is effective in removing moths, carpet beetles and silverfish. Place oil in a diffuser or in a spray bottle with warm water and spray in active areas of silverfish. 

Borax: This is a good method for silverfish eradication. Purchase borax from a store and apply a thin layer in areas of silverfish activity like closets, cabinets, below appliances. 

Poison: This is an effective method to control silverfish. Also sprays are a good option. But it’s safer to use this method by calling in Pest Control Wollert specialists.

Getting rid of them from bathrooms: Silverfish love drains and bathtubs being moisture loving. Keep these places dry and dehydrated. This helps keep these pets off. Also keep your bathroom clutter free. You might sprinkle diatomaceous earth in room corners and add a dehumidifier to lessen moisture. 

Remove silverfish from your bed: Silverfish also may be found in beds. In such cases remove all bed linens and wash in hot water and dry really well. Also remove clutter from your bedroom. But if infestation still persists, call in the experts

Remove silverfish from attic/basement: Silverfish usually thrive in large numbers in these places. Using boric acid is the best option here. Sprinkle through cracks and holes in your basement after vacuuming. 

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