The Mechanical Symptoms and The Image Corruption problems and Solution of Laser Printer

01. Mechanical Symptoms

The Misfeeds:

The misfeeds are the most important and very common mechanical issue. Sometimes the laser printers are despond to feed the paper from the tray, and then the paper sticks together and causes jams. In this article, we have to find out some causes and fixes for misfeeds which we will cover here.

  • Normally, when your printer doesn’t support the paper media or the print paper is too heavy, too light, or too smooth you will get paper jams. This is absolutely right the issue has come from using the correct media recommended by the manufacturer. You need to be watchful when printing labels, we have tested the best laser printers that just won’t take this kind of media and causes all kinds of issues including misfeeds and gumming up the rollers.
  • Sometimes you have seen the paper is sticking together,” Don’t Worry” simply clean up the paper and fan the stack to reduce curling and sticking.
  • If repeated misfeeds are occurring, you should deal with weak springs in the paper tray cassette.

If you follow these tactics you may fix this problem is to load more paper onto the tray so as to compress these springs. If this method will not do the trick the springs or the paper tray may need to be replaced. While you have to need to get a tech out to do this make sure it checks the rollers because worn rollers can also lead to repeated misfeeds.

The Paper Jams

Each type of laser printer would face this problem and this annoyance we see a lot of. Normally it happens when the paper does not pass through the printer properly. Sometimes the paper jams can occur while the wrong paper media is you have used, the paper is damp. The small fragments of paper are in the paper path or the laser printer and oftentimes there seems to be no apparent reason, this last reason can drive you to drink. It is one of the top crucial problems and the best solution is to thoroughly have the printer cleaned out.

Skewed Prints:

Most of the color laser printer will face the skewed print problem. Generally, the skewed prints occur happens when the image on the is not aligned on the page. The printer culprit here usually is improper paper loading. To recondition this situation, you have to need to remove the paper from the tray, fan the edges and reload the paper ensuring that the paper is inserted below the small catches which hold the paper.

02. Image Corruption

If you are using a color laser printer, sometimes you may face this image corruption problem. In this article we will describe a few different types of Image Corruption, what we will do here is cover the more common ones you will probably run across.

Computer Images Issue

We have a laser printer expert team and they would find that this is usually the fault of the computer, not the printer. It is a very simple and technical issue. Sometimes the computer sent the wrong commands and information to the printer. You can’t tell it is a printer issue but rather a computer issue, you can call the IT guy for this one.

Garbled Data 

It is another common symptom that is normally caused by a communications error occurring when a wrong command is sent to the printer. It is one of the crucial issues the best way is you can call the IT specialist guy on this one too but here are some possible solutions. You can also try your hand to solve this problem. First of all, check out the printer cable is firmly seated, reset your laser printer and reprint the job. Next, you also can check to ensure that the communication settings on the printer and computer are matched and then print a configuration page. If you still face this problem then your printer may have a faulty controller, call your printer repair tech.

Lost Characters

Sometimes a laser printer lost Characters, “don’t be afraid” it is the problem likely to garbled data. It’s usually a communication error, try following the same steps as with Garbled Data.

The wrong Font

The wrong font is the most common and simple issue of a laser printer, communication error, a software error or even a missing font. You can’t manually solve the problem Call the IT guy.

Split Graphic Image

If you have a color laser printer you will face this problem when the image is split and covers two pages. It’s either part of the memory on the printer failed or there have enough spaces of memory to print complex graphics jobs. To fix this problem you must install more memory in the printer.