The Meaningful Difference in Academic Writing

Writing is an action in which we all engage in our daily routine, either by scheduling our tasks or journaling. Writing is categorized into different types, such as technical writing, literary writing, academic writing, and creative writing. But today, our topic of discussion is academic writing and what this writing is all about.

Academic writing is a form of writing that we usually use in specific academic disciplines through unique skills. One significant difference between academic writing and general writing is that you will find academic writing to be formal concise, and objectively compared to general writing type.

Academic Writing: What is it about?

Defining academic writing is a writing style you generally use in your academic field. Abstracts, conference papers, term papers, research projects, and reports are the essential documentation written in academic writing style.

Academic writing is always written in the formal style, which is in a completely structured manner. It has its own rules and set of structures that add professionalism to the entire academic paper. While writing an academic paper, your targeted audience has to be scholars of the same discipline.

In addition, academic writing is known to be impersonal, concise, and quite objective. You will find it a bit complex in tone compared to the general writing. This is because it consists of some technical jargon, which makes the extra writing complex.

What is Referencing/Citation in Academic Writing?

Citations and referencing are other main difference that makes academic writing different from general writing. In academic writing, a writer aims to support all his arguments by simply citing the pieces of evidence from other sources. MLA, APA and Harvard Referencing are few accepted citation/referencing styles in academic writing.

Types of Academic Writing

Before you dive into a deeper discussion of academic writing, it is important to understand different formats and styles of academic writing. Academic writing is generally divided into five main types, which are:

  1. Lab reports and exam essays
  2. Research papers and argument papers
  3. Literature reviews and book reports
  4. Thesis and dissertations
  5. Grant proposals

For writing each one of the above academic paper types, a different structure and set of rules are followed. Obviously, academic writing is a time-consuming task, so show a bit of patience and keep your mind calm.

General Rules to Follow in Academic Writing

A few general rules to follow in academic writing are:

  • Always use an active voice in your academic writing documentation.
  • Bring certain variations in your sentences to make them look unique and distinct.
  • Be concise.
  • Avoid certain repetitions in your parallel sentence.
  • Make use of such vocabulary which you know very well.
  • Keep the writing language formal and avoid the language of your everyday speech.
  • Always write to express, not impress.
  • Write an academic paper by keeping in mind the audience you are targeting.

What are the Components of Academic Writing?

Academic writing is generally based on five main components, which are:

  1. Topic
  2. Introduction
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion
  5. References (MLA, APA and Harvard Referencing)

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How academic writing plays a major role in the academic arena?

Academic writing is no doubt playing a major role in the academic arena at the global level. It serves as the main communication tool which is conveying the acquired knowledge to different fields of study. With academic writing, students can convey understanding, analyze and think in a critical manner.

What is the main purpose of academic writing?

The main purpose of academic writing is to narrate, explain and persuade the students. These three principles of academic writing prepare the students for college or career readiness.

What is the main difference between academic writing and creative essay?

In creative writing, the writer is allowed to present their personal expressions. But academic writing is more about the exploration of arguments, ideas and concepts. Academic writing is requiring for extra factual evidence for presenting challenges and supporting ideas.

Are academic writing and non-academic writing similar to one another?

If we talk about academic articles, they are generally written by professionals in their specific field. Authors edit them, and it takes years to publish them on some platform. On the other side, non-Academic articles are merely written for the ordinary or mass public. Any ordinary person can write them, and they do get published quickly.  


To end with this discussion, it is crystal clear that getting into academic writing is time-consuming and is a challenging task. It generally forces the students to invest enough of their time and ideas to perform the academic writing task in a completely hassle-free manner.

We have often pinpointed a few basic rules which you can follow to write a beautiful piece of academic writing. Do a bit of more research and make yourself a pro-expert in it.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.