The Maverick’s Code: Leadership Strategies, Principles & Lessons from MSD

MSD; the acronym; which truly has been the timeless tour de force of Indian cricket & sporting leadership and has deservingly come to be synonymous with the stuff of legends. He arrived as a maverick to the gentleman’s game and with his unconventional playbook disrupted the status-quo effectively while outmaneuvering the opponents and going on to become the only captain in the world ever to win the Triple Crown of the World of Cricket.

His personal journey has been well chronicled in multiple books while the untold story, too, has been captured effectively on the celluloid. This work, thus, is rather about his professional journey, especially, the Leadership part of it. It is aimed specifically at analyzing & deciphering the Maverick’s Leadership Strategies and deriving Invaluable Principles & Lessons from him while also revealing the method to madness of the legend, which has set him unmistakably apart from the ‘Ordinary’ with that ‘Extra’.

This is the first structured & qualified inquiry into MSD’s leadership process & approach to cricket and the outcomes have been profound. The decryption unravels ‘must know’ leadership strategies & principles that have propelled MSD’s stupendous success on the cricket field with equal relevance & application for businesses, sports & a host of other areas. It will be quintessential & a must have for anyone wanting to play hard, smart and most importantly, differently & unconventionally, with the decisive edge to achieve truly transformational success.

It is almost a training program in true leadership, straight from the master of the craft himself, for existing leaders looking for mojo and/or aspiring leaders learning the ropes, whereas, for MSD fans & cricket buffs, it is virtually a seat in the dug-out to capture the maverick in action, on-field doing what he does best. Simply, being the leader of the pack & the disruptive force…

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