The many recipes in restaurant you’d find in Star Chef 2

Let’s face it – in recent years, restaurants have come up with an increasing number of delectable dessert items. In fact, choosing the perfect dessert among the range of dessert recipes in restaurants seems like a daunting task these days. Such has been the surge in the demand for these, that they’ve even made their way into popular Android and iOS cooking games. So, here’s a tiny list of popular desserts that have found a pride of place in Star Chef 2.

Popular desserts of Star Chef 2

  • Churros: Clearly,churros are one of the most popular food indulgences around but why the craze around it? Due to some strange reason, during the coronavirus, it was one of the most searched desserts on Google. Perhaps the reason for its growing popularity has much to do with it being crunchy in the right proportion. It comes with the traditional topping of sugar. As for the origins, the churros have long been enjoyed in Spain, however, the name, which is probably inspired from the horns of the Churra sheep, doesn’t appear in literary form or written sources until the late 19th Century. No matter what, the wonderful food indulgence has found its pride of place in the dessert options in Star Chef 2.
  • Apple pie: Pies are the best desserts. Period. While there are many who are in love with ice cream, eclairs, and brownies, fruit pies are perfectly suited for family gatherings. The transformative power of baking and the right amount of salty-sweet crust makes it an otherworldly experience. According to some, the apple pie originated in England, though it has had its culinary influences from France. Such has been its popularity in recent years that it too has made its way into the list of dessert items in the game.
  • Chocolate mousse: Chocolate mousse is known for being airy, chocolatey, and smooth. It melts in the mouth, and is a great way to end a sumptuous dinner. This is the reason why you’d find it in several big and small restaurants. It’s one of the main dessert recipes in restaurant and looks particularly delicious. Almost no one can resist the glass bowl of decadent chocolate mousse garnished with fruits and a dollop of whipped cream. That said, much depends on how one plans to make the mousse – whether it would be light and fluffy or creamy and thick.
  • Pumpkin pancakes: Though pumpkin pancakes are good for any season, they particularly taste good on cold wintery mornings. As the name implies, the pancakes are fluffy, light, and come replete with a spiced pumpkin flavor. Looking for something to shake up your breakfast routine? Well, here’s a dessert that’s yummy and perfect for sweater weather. Such is its popularity that it has also made its way to the amazing list of desserts on Star Chef 2.
  • Fruit cake: The tradition of enjoying fruit cakes during special occasions such as holidays or weddings, gained popularity during the 18th and 19th centuries. In fact, it was a grand indulgence then. However, how it got associated with Christmas is still a mystery to all. That said, the oldest reference that can be found about it, dates back to the time of the Romans. Crusaders are said to have carried fruit cakes with them to sustain themselves over an extended period of time, while they were away from home.

Are you fond of cooking games? Well, here’s your chance to cook up a storm on Star Chef 2. Check out all the different dessert recipes that you’d get to witness, and more.