The making of a billion-dollar man- is Versatile the next best thing to Kanye??

CEO and Philanthropist Zebadiah Anderson also known as ZVerse, Versatile, Vito, The black Satoshi or just verse is becoming quite the spectacle. If it’s not his music, it’s his fashion prowess, if it’s not that then it’s his foresight in crypto and blockchain. If not just that, it’s his many philanthropic efforts.

As Ceo of Vito imported (A rising Fashion house and luxury apparel company) sources say that it has been one of the most exclusive and desired brands to get your hands on. Vito leaves many veteran Ceo’s wondering how does he do it. The guy they call the Black Satoshi hosted an event on clubhouse in his group “high Fashion’ Where he spoke on his relationship with the late Virgil Abloh (former creative director of Louis Vuitton and founder off OFF-WHITE clothing brand) Vito believes he now must shake the world with innovation, new ideas and fashion trends.

Verse believes there are few as lyrically talented as him, knows how to dress better than him, understands blockchain and crypto like he does and is as hungry as he is to seemingly take over everything. I guess we know why people call him Versatile, and every day he continues to show us all just how much more is coming.

Instagram- Verse_Vito_versatile