The main reasons to invest in a drain clearance service

Regular drain maintenance is a wise investment because it can prevent costly repairs, improve the efficiency of your plumbing and in general the way your drains will be able to process on a day to day basis too. It is a no brainer to invest in this as a service. There are a number of ways you can go about this too. Hire a plumber for annual drain clearance and they will repair the issue before it’s too late. Drains connecting to the sinks, shower, toilets and other fittings all have a need for this service at some point too.

You can be sure to expect lower water bills

If you’ve got a clogged drain, you might automatically reach for a store-bought drain cleaner. While that may break through the clog, it is going to do more harm than good. Those harsh chemicals damage your pipes and will cause them to break. Eventually, you will have to pay for costly repairs and potentially even have to replace your plumbing.

You can prevent clogging too

Would you rather invest a few hours now and get your drains cleaned or wrestle with messy DIY solutions to try to get a clog out down the road? The answer is clear. Get a drain cleaning to get rid of the buildup that causes clogs to form.

Your drains will no longer be making so much noise

Drains with residue inside may crack or squeak. That’s the sound the water makes as it receives pressure, trying to break through the narrow passageway. If the water is hot, the sound is greater, because of how the heat makes it expand. Get your drains cleaned and that noise will disappear. Again, you can see how this service is to be something of a no brainer in the ways it will be able to help you.

A blocked toilet is a nightmare in any instance

We see blocked toilets on a daily basis. Most of the time it is due to excess toilet paper and people flushing things that should, instead, go in the bin, such as sanitary wear, baby wipes and face wipes. A real nightmare to unblock is a toilet with a toilet air freshener stuck in it. They clip to the side of the toilet bowl and keep the bathroom smelling fresh, but when they pop off or get knocked off, they get stuck in the u-bend and cause all sorts of problems.


A blocked or clogged drain can lead to many issues for homeowners. The most common issues are reduced water pressure. Also, no water coming out of the faucet completely, and the smell of sewage. When a drain becomes clogged, water from your sinks and showers cannot flow freely. This causes the water pressure to drop throughout your home. This can cause your water to take longer to reach your faucets or toilets, and it can reduce the amount of water that can be used at one time.

When a drain becomes clogged, it can also result in sewage backup into your home. This can cause health issues if it gets into the plumbing in your home, including the possibility of bacterial infections. In addition, when sewage backup occurs, it can smell really bad, which means you’ll need to call a professional to clean it up.

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