The Main Facts You Need To Know About Hair Transplanting

A decision to have your hair recovered is responsible. Hair transplant is a demanded service, which many people need to keep their image on the level they want to. Of course, with you will be able to get the best hair transplant services, but you still need to be aware of the main facts about this procedure. 

In this article, we are going to explain why a hair transplant is not the easiest surgery, and give you all the necessary facts about it. 

Who Might Need The Hair Recovery Operation?

A hair recovery operation, or hair transplant, is a service, which can be necessary for many people. This operation is aimed at people who experience balding and want their scalp hair to get back. 

Nonetheless, there are cases when people want to get additional hair to the other parts of their bodies. For example, many men want to grow facial hair, which is common, while some people would like to add more hair to their legs or hands. 

Even more, some people would also like to add some hair to the intimate zones of their bodies. And all the procedures with the most innovative DHI hair restoration are available at

However, how is this operation completed, and what are the main points of the procedure?

The Process Of Hair Transplant

The process of hair transplantation is simple. The most common way is to take a healthy part of your hair and implant it in the part of your body, where the follicles produce no hair growth. The procedure itself includes:

  • Shaving of the healthy part of a head. The main goal of this step is to get rid of possible infections and get rid of extra hair, which can cause some trouble if it gets into the sensitive part of an operation zone. 
  • Taking follicles. After that, the direct hair implant requires follicles to be taken.
  • Direct transplant. After the taking of the follicle, it is transplanted to the targeted part of the body. This way, you get a “fresh” follicle, which would start the growing process faster than usual. 

However, even though this procedure is considered next-level, it doesn’t mean that you can avoid the recovery period.

How To Take Care Of Your Head After Transplant?

Even though the operation might seem pretty easy for a person, it requires a hard recovery period. This way, you have to take exceptional care of your hair and avoid anything touching it. No hats are allowed, and that is the simple rule.

However, you should also be aware of the fact that you cannot wash your head for quite a long period, which can vary from 3 to 7 days. Only after that, you will be able to use some specific shampoos, which would be recommended by your doctor. 

Why Do You Need To Know These Facts About Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a responsible surgeon, which has a lot of challenges to overcome. Even though there are innovative implanting methods, you still have to be aware of the difficulties you will face. 

Moreover, knowing the exact process of hair transplant is also necessary, especially when you are willingly seeking the best way to recover your hair. 

Remember, that the best result requires lots of effort, and knowledge of possible challenges would make everything easy.