The Magical and Mesmerising Contact Lenses

Eye colours are essential, not because they complete your eyes but because they can change your entire appearance. No doubt, whatever eye colour you naturally have is beautiful, and you must feel blessed. But being humans, we all sometimes feel the urge to change our eye colour or look a little different and more appealing, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is almost the same thing as changing your nail colour, but it even more comfortable than that! So, if you ever feel the urge or have a sudden desire to change your eye colour, do give black contact lenses a try.


Eye colours and trends vary worldwide, as we see black and brown eyes in Asian countries, blue-green in Europe etc. So, it is pretty common to get attracted to someone else’s eye colour even if your own is one in millions. But let us talk about black contact lenses and who is the ideal candidate for them. You should consider some things before picking your contact lenses, like your natural eye colour, hair colour, skin tone, outfit, event, etc. However there is one thing that you all need to know, and that is, black coloured eyes suit everyone, we don’t believe a single person exists who wouldn’t look good in blackout contact lenses, but the question is, are you willing to give black coloured eyes a try or not?


Black coloured contact lenses aren’t only for changing your eye colour; they can also be used to brighten your already black eyes. So, if you have black eyes but want them to pop out a little and look sparkly, without changing the colour- you all can go with black contact lenses and achieve your dream.


People of Europe etc. have beautiful green, blue and grey eyes. But what comes with these pretty eye colours is blonde hair and a fair complexion, which doesn’t draw attention on any specific feature, and make you look dim and dull. So, why not change the way you look in the right way by enhancing your features to the best of your ability. Try wearing black contact lenses if you are one of these people, and watch the glow and shine in your entire personality. You don’t have to wear them daily, but wearing lenses to parties, special events is never a bad idea. Imagine yourself having black eyes, white complexion, blond/red hair and bold red lip colour. Jaw-dropping, we must say!


Another group of people who can rock black contact lenses are those with naturally brown or hazel eyes and a fair-pale complexion. You have perfect everything, but why not accentuate your eyes a little more by wearing black contact lenses? Let them be more obvious, a little larker than your hair, so they are visible from afar.


Let us tell you one thing for sure- never hesitate wearing black coloured contact lenses if you are dark, olive-toned or black. You guys are blessed with the prettiest skin tone on earth. And if you have dark hair, that’s a plus. Black eyes will make you look like a diva! Just wear them, put on highlighter, lip colour and step out to rule the world.


Makeup Looks For Black Eyes.

Makeup is a game-changer, even today just like it was ages ago, but it is better than ever before. You can change your entire look by the way you apply your makeup. Apply light shades and soft makeup to look all cute and pretty. If you aren’t a cute person, worry not and go for smokey eyes and bold lips to appear all sassy and hot. None of this? You want to look decent and classy? Wear black contact lenses, eyeliner and nude makeup. That’s how easy it is to change your personality with makeup and coloured contact lenses.


Smokey Eye Makeup:

A cool method to style those outstanding black contact lenses is to get the customary smoky touch. For this, you will require your eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. You can likewise utilise extravagant bogus eyelashes to give yourself that dynamic appearance. Attempt a little blend of pink and peach eye shadows too. You can always go with a bit of glitter and white inner corners to shine the brightest. It is a perfect look for night time events.


Black Eyes For Summer:

This eye makeup idea is ideal for all your mid-year celebrations, or peak summer parties. Look fresh, young and energetic with blackout contact lenses and let the world see your beauty. Utilise a blend of pink, peach, nude and rose gold on your eyes first. From that point forward, make smooth lines with the eyeliner and add a little sparkle on top. You may avoid it during the day time, or when it is too hot, This will give you a hot and alluring look and bring you plenty of praises at the part.


The Diva Eyes:

This eye makeup has been intended for individuals who love to have expressive eyes. It looks upscale and straightforward. Painting your eyes with some cool blue eye shadow and afterwards making smooth rushes of dark lines with your eyeliner followed by a decent bit of kajal beneath is only the look you need. Utilise your mascara to lift those lashes. You don’t have naturally black eyes to look like the diva you dream of? No worries, wear black contact lenses and bring your dreams to reality. White inner eyes will elevate this look even more.


For Weddings:

If any of you reading this is going to a wedding this season or are getting hitched yourself, you should attempt this makeup looks. The mix of brilliant and earthy coloured is sublime. Not just that; this will also give you a rich appearance. A decent eyeliner will add to its appeal. It is a perfect makeup idea for people with black eyes or those who wish to change their eye colour by wearing black contact lenses.