The Long-Awaited Canon EOS M50 MKII Is Available Globally!

The announcement of the Canon EOS M50 MKII release marks a huge moment for Cannon. For starters, the Canon mirrorless series continues to grow; this means more photographers are making the change toward mirrorless and choosing Canon.

Secondly, it is the enhancement of their best-selling mirrorless camera which means that the good just got better. Improving on your best model might be the toughest challenge for any brand, including Canon.

Do you want to know how they managed to make the good even better? Read on and then try not to run to get the 15-45mm Single-lens kit.

Canon mirrorless cameras

Canon has been a synonym with great craftsmanship and superior quality for decades. Moreover, for some people, a timeless model like the almighty Canon EOS R5 is the quintessential stills camera.

Nevertheless, times are changing and photographers and content creators need further improvements. Plus, competition has taken the lead in the mirrorless world. Therefore, Canon has dedicated much of its investment to enhance this line and provide the best state-of-the-art mirrorless camera to all Canon fans in the world.

The result is nothing short of what we might expect from a brand like Canon. Moreover, the overhauling of their best-selling mirrorless model means that they are planning on going further in that direction. Will Canon set the standard for all brands once again with the M50MKII?

Canon EOS M50 MKII, what’s new?

Not so long ago, Canon unveiled the M6 MKII with several vlogger-friendly features. This was far from a coincidence since an increasing number of these cameras are serving YouTubers and Twitch personalities alike. Indeed, the image quality and the features are hard to match outside photographer-grade cameras.

With that antecedent, Canon lovers knew that the next in line was the M50. Its overhaul makes it even more versatile; it is a camera that can cover a wide array of needs in a single lightweight piece.  But let’s take a look at what changed specifically.

Made with vloggers in mind

The Canon EOS M line was already a blogger favorite, but Canon decided to take it a step further. For starters, the possibility of using the camera in a vertical position and still get the ultimate Canon image quality make it a go-to machine for Instagram content. Plus, with a multi-angle, 3” LCD screen, you can see yourself as you record your content for a better experience.

Another new addition is the touch-screen rec button so you can start and stop your video recording without touching the camera body. Furthermore, this button can be set up with a count-down timer of up to 10 seconds to start rolling the video when you are ready to shoot.

A true video powerhouse

As an addition to the vertical position and the handy record button with a timer, you can use the M50 Mark II as a webcam too. The EOS Utility software will give you a very easy plug and play experience on any computer.

Likewise, the HDMI port offers streamers with a little more experience the chance to get clean 4K video. This is great news and turns the M50 Mark II into a true video powerhouse.

But that’s not all, because the company managed to use the camera´s processing power to wirelessly stream without a laptop. This means that if you own a YouTube Live account, you can stream directly from the camera without any cords or plug-and-play software requirements.

This happens while you are recording 4K content that will indeed look and sound amazing.

What about photographs?

Enough of the video capabilities of the amazing M50 Mark II; Canon cameras are the quintessential photographer’s go-to tool, so let’s see what’s new for them.

Improved battery life

Battery life on the Canon EOS M50 was something that many users complained about. Thus, the new iteration created by Canon enhanced this aspect taking it from 235 shots to 305 shots. This means that with a single charge, you can take up to 70 more photographs with the Mark II.

Weather sealing

This was a feature that most people expected to see in Mark II. The thing with sports-oriented or landscape-oriented cameras with an enhanced AF experience is that they need to be all-terrain. With that in mind, Canon could have pushed the envelope a little further and made the Mark II weatherproof.

Let’s talk about eye detection and AF

This is the aspect of the Canon M50 that saw the biggest upgrades.

For starters, it is possible to have the camera focus on the eyes and faces of targets from a much larger distance. This means that regardless of being very small in the display, the new Mark II can still focus on the eye detection of that person or people.

Secondly, this enhanced capability is now available during Servo AF and, in the video mode, during Movie Servo AF. Plus, eye detection just got a lot more flexible and responsive. This is true even when using the 10fps shooting speed and on fast-moving objects.

Finally, all these improvements did nothing in weight increase for the Canon EOS M50 Mark II. On the opposite, the camera is now 3 grams lighter than its predecessor. This means that walking around with it hanging from your neck won’t be a nightmare the next day.

In conclusion, should you go with the upgrade?

So far, the version of the M50 Mark II available will include a 15-45mm Single-lens kit. Yet, the machine will still be compatible with all the M-series lenses already released by Canon.

To answer the above question, if you are a content creator and want to overhaul your video creations, the M50 Mark II will make your life easier. Moreover, if you don’t own a camera in this grade yet, it is a no-brainer to go for the Mark II instead of the M50. The money difference is not substantial.

Likewise, if you concentrate your efforts on taking only stills but do it in sports or moving-object scenarios, the new AF functionalities will improve your performance too. On top of that, the ability to take seventy more photographs on a single battery charge can be a game-changer for some photographers as well. If you are planning on buying a mirrorless camera, the Canon M50 Mark II is a great option for whichever endeavor you’re after. If you already own one and can benefit from the enhanced AF and video capabilities, then making the change to the Mark II will be a step forward.