The Kubota SVL75-2 – A Legendary Kubota Compact Track Loader

The Kubota SVL75-2 is a track loader for sale that is absolutely changing the game! With its remarkable power and excellent comfort, this compact track loader takes great performance and
productivity to new levels.


When more productivity is required then you need to put the Kubota CTL to work for you. Kubota, a trusted and world-leading manufacturer of construction equipment, is proud to supply the SVL75-2 Compact Track Loader. This machine delivers best-in-class bucket breakout and lifting ability, outstanding stability, a wide and comfortable operator area, and much more. When it comes to high performance, reliability and comfort, all paths lead to Kubota.


The strong and trustworthy Kubota engine gets the job done quickly and easily with 74.3 hp. Coupled with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) this engine meets the latest Tier IV diesel emissions regulation by collecting particulate matter (PM) and NOx from exhaust gas for cleaner exhaust output. Kubota’s original automatic regeneration system will automatically burn accumulated particulate matter (soot) in the DPF to keep it clean for lengthier operation. As a matter of operational and safety, this auto regen can be turned off with a simple press of the inhibit switch when the machine is operating in areas that are near personnel, animals, and potentially flammable items.


As a standard, the 2-speed travel lets you shift from low gear at decent 7.5 km/h to high gear at a speedy 11.5 km/h to get the task done quicker. Matched with the Strong Traction Force of Kubota’s original track lug design that gives you more grip and a traction force of 4390kg!


Not to mention the Electronic Travel Torque Management System which allows you to work faster with more power. The ECU will constantly monitor the load of the CTL to optimally control hydraulic pump output corresponding to the load, stopping engine stalls for smoother operation even under harsh conditions.


Something that gets thrown around a lot in the CTL space is the durability of the tracks and gear. With the Kubota SVL75-2 this is no concern as it features a welded, integrated mainframe and undercarriage which forms an integral part of the main frame for the utmost durability.


Together with the Triple Flange Lower Track Rollers, a great innovation that makes for a highly reliable design that not only minimizes the risk of de-tracking but improves upon stability as well. They are lifetime sealed and lubricated!


Lastly, Kubota’s original rubber tracks offer superior durability and long-life performance. Furthermore, Kubota’s special lug pattern prevents dirt from building up and improves traction force.


As any mechanic will tell you another bugbear in this class of machinery is the maintenance. Kubota has listened. The SVL75-2 has a Tilt-up Cab that can be tilted 72 degrees without the need to lift the arm, allowing easy access to the hydraulic pumps, valves, lines and hydraulic tank. Routine checks can be carried out by simply opening the rear bonnet to access all components and you can Slide/Tilt the Radiator and Oil Cooler for easier cleaning.


You’ve no doubt seen plenty of these units around town already but if you would like to get up close & personal with one for yourself how about Boya Equipment? They are Perth’s leading Kubota dealership, and the only Kubota Platinum dealership in WA. Check out their yard in Wangara for assistance and support with an outstanding range of high-performance construction machinery.