The King of The Black Gorilla family is at it again

The King of The Black Gorilla family is at it again. With his second debut album release coming and the surprise new watch he just got which is worth 1.2. Million dollar. Big Slab of Commission S.U.C is the boss of screwed up click or commission soldiers United for cash has compiled what the are calling a classic album. When asked what us on his mind doing the making of this album he simply said money I’m always thinking the next best business move because your next move is your best move quote on quote. So I guess the next question for home would about you new watch? I like it a lot it’s a all diamond audemear piguet I think it’s real lavish would be the term but I have a 1.7 million dollar cater Swiss watch I bought that is my most exclusive and flamboyant piece of jewelry I have.


Besides the all the black on black cars including the new black XJ supercharged jaguar and the new on the way black on black Bentley. I’m most proud of my business it self and my hold screwed up click. seriously we been through a lot but all and all we still holding it down in Houston Tx you know we the south side of the city. To be considered the best underground rapper In the industry period is a blessing and we or and the label is really expecting a lot from this album and the next one .


Believe it or not at the same time while tending to the entertainment business COMMISSION JAM DOWN RECORDS INC/GAME TIGHT ENT does a lot of other things.Like at the moment I’m involved in a political campaign which is taking on a life of its on at the same time where in the middle of playing to do a lot of shows and a small tour coming up so it’s been a lot to deal with so speak.


The King of the Black Gorilla Mr. Mark Jones album has a lot a features but none more important then the one featuring 50 cent its a masterpiece it reminds you of when he first came out it’s on that level it’s hot I’m talking on fire he actually is a lyrical genius.


But it also as a remix of Dangerous on there featuring meek mills which is better then the original one. Really the on that stands out the most is the song featuring itzzacee bandz title S.U.C Brick boy you know what talking about we stay up in the kitchen wiping up hits he has a lot of talent and he is coming out hard every time he drops so don’t sleep on him. We did a lot of the recording at 713 studios and sounds of browns in Houston Texas



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