The Interview With Naman Singh, The New Generation Blogger

Kids and the Gen Z people are very innovative these present days, having been practising things in such a way that the career is not only interesting but also profitable. The boomers have left behind an entire society for them to reign and look after, and how do they utilise this power? 

They make the best out of it and only the best entrepreneurs and professionals will be able to carry on. We have an interview with one such creative mind who has come forward, undergone every difficulty yet proceeding, succeeding.

Q. What a wonderful time to be interviewing Naman Singh Panwar. I hope you’re ready to share some wisdom today?

Naman Singh Panwar: I’m always ready to give deeper Insights! I’m a blogger, I will always have something to do for my lovely peoples because I don’t want to face anyone what I face in my struggle time so announcing my better half Gleeq.

Q. Sounds wonderful. I’ve heard that you were not very sure about this career, is that right?

Naman Singh Panwar: Not entirely. It’s not that I never enjoyed blogging, it is that I had never thought of doing so while growing up. I started my career in 2015 and completed my graduation in BSc last year. You rarely find a person who does not enjoy playing games, especially video games and PC ones. Get going with steam or discord, you name it I’ve had it. And I was so invested in that I never wondered that I would be doing something in the future. When I think about it now, it seems really funny that I have come such a long way and achieved so many things. 

Q. That’s true indeed. What is your secret? How do you find blogging as a career now?

Naman Singh Panwar: It is something that requires a lot of brainpower. I have been blogging for a very long time now but if you want to do it, you would probably need a lot of ideas because it is an everyday thing. Coming up with innovative things which are basically targeted at the audience who will be reading is rather tricky. You do not know what your audience likes and you have to stay updated with the current trends, things that people enjoy reading and so on. So, it is an everyday process, I have to keep researching. How else am I expected to satisfy my blog readers? Most importantly, the themes and aesthetically pleasing outlook of my blog draws people.

Q. Does it ever get exhausting?

Mr Singh: No, never, absolutely not! I enjoy it so much that I will willingly wake up some nights if an idea comes to my mind. 

Q. How interesting! You have quite a number of admirers, what’s your message for them?

Naman Singh Panwar: Take my word- do what you like. Because if you do not, you will give up in the middle of it and if you do so at an age where earning profits is a major criterion for you, then you will certainly not be able to cope up or recover from then on. Choose what you like, work hard for it for the beginning years and then things will be smooth, it is bound to be easier later on. Do not tell anyone about the difficulties you go through, make sure you are working so hard that you can almost see your goal and your dream coming true. Hustle in silence, and let your achievements make all the noise. I do not speak of this because I feel like, I am sharing my own Story, this is how I made it to this point and I’m sure you will too.