The Inspiring Journey Of Entrepreneur Piyush Dimri

There are a lot of inspiring journeys that people might come across on a daily basis but all out of all of these, Piyush Dimri’s ones might inspire just about anybody. 

As a young teenager, Piyush gave very little importance to his academics and was indulged in gaming, dedicating most of his time to that. He really thought that he could make a career out of playing games and being a professional gamer was his dream job. He was yet to discover his true talents, and he did not realise that back then. Obviously, after trying his luck in a lot of different things to earn money, he was attracted to the fact that people are making money online. Internet was trending and so were the misconceptions about the Internet. 

After trying his luck there, he knew that it was of no use and even though he might have managed to collect some money on his own for a new startup, the online work was just not working out at all. Normally, what would you do at such a situation? Most people tend to give up because choosing a career path is sometimes too challenging, and they settle for whatever is provided for them afterwards. Piyush Dimri is just built different, he never gave up. For him, hustling was the only way. 

There is always one awakening point in peoples lives and now was Piyush‘s time. A friend of his introduced him to the concept of digital marketing and he soon advanced from thereon, it did not take him long to grasp the concept and this is how he knew that since the very beginning he was meant to be a digital marketer. He, along with a few other team members, established Launchigo Media. It was indeed a new company and the idea was still under process. However, the team was very efficient and hard working. They managed to work almost day and night, finally making it through. Piyush Dimri never has to worry about his profits these days. Being a digital marketer is as easy as playing games, thanks to his strategies that he had developed in his early life. All his struggle in his early life was not gone under the drain, in fact, it was helpful for him because now he knew that what real struggle is. “Unless and until you go through a tough situation, you will never know the true value of actual success” are the wise words of Entrepreneur Piyush Dimri. He acquired a lot of entrepreneurship skills over time and now contributes a lot to his company providing their clients with the best possible service that he could. So, what is stopping you from following your dreams? Explore the world, you might discover your deepest hidden talents.