The Inside Scoop: What Kelly Roach Coaching Reviews Reveal About the Power of Mentorship


As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day operations of your business. You may find yourself working long hours, putting out fires, and struggling to stay ahead of the competition. But what if you had a mentor who could help you see the big picture and provide you with actionable strategies to take your business to the next level? That’s where Kelly Roach Coaching comes in.

Kelly Roach’s Unique Perspective on Entrepreneurship

Kelly Roach is a successful business coach and mentor who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs unlock their full potential. With her proven strategies and programs, she has built an 8-figure consulting empire that empowers business owners to scale their companies and achieve explosive growth.

One of the things that sets Kelly apart from other coaches is her ability to view your specific situation from the outside, after having worked with many other entrepreneurs before you. She brings a unique perspective to your business, and her strategies are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

If you’re a CEO or founder of a 6-figure or 7-figure business, but you know that your potential is so much greater, or that you find yourself spinning your wheels at your current level of success, Kelly Roach Coaching is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Kelly’s coaching programs, including The Live Launch Method, Legacy Builders, Legacy Leaders, and The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, are not for dabblers or part-timers. Her goal for your business is pure scalability through tried-and-true business strategy merged with cutting-edge online strategy.

Kelly Roach Coaching Reviews Show Client Success Stories

But don’t just take our word for it. The reviews of Kelly Roach Coaching speak for themselves. Business owners have seen tremendous results after working with Kelly and her team.

“This program is second to none because of Kellys experience with and knowledge base in hiring and training a team. I have grown so much as a sales leader and am no longer relying on pressuring myself to sell I now have a whole team that is focused on sales and they all contribute to the bottom line of our company. Entrepreneurs need this so that they can create true freedom rather than a business that is only relies on them.” – Mariana Ruiz – Owner, The Impact Driven Entrepreneur

“Kelly helped us focus on cultivating deeper relationships with our current clients and providing exceptional service.  We have clear direction on where our business is heading and thanks to Kelly, what we’re building is sustainable, scalable and will allow us the freedom and flexibility we crave.  Kelly keeps us focused on consistent action towards our commitment rather than allowing us to be thrown off course by the next “shiny new object”. Kelly has a way of challenging our automatic ways of operating in service of generating big results.  Kelly has also bolstered our confidence which has us showing up more powerfully and ready to boldly ask for business where we haven’t before.” – Emily Golden and Joanna Kleinman, Dethroning Your Inner Critic

“The impact of working with Kelly (and her great team) was almost instant. I started just a few months ago and have already launched one group program. But much bigger than that is the fact that by working with Kelly, I am taking a book that I have had in my head for years and it will be published this October. This will set me up for a strong finish to 2018 and with her guidance, will allow me to triple my business in 2019. Her coaching is elevating my brand and my income!” – Patricia Romboletti, Career Coach & LinkedIn Expert

How Kelly Roach Coaching Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Kelly Roach Coaching is not a magic bullet, and Kelly is upfront about the fact that there is hard work ahead. She refers to her clients as “business athletes,” and expects them to “train for your business like an athlete trains for their sport.”

Discipline and resilience are essential, according to Kelly. You have to do what you need to do, even when you don’t want to. And you have to get up, learn and improve when you fail. Continue chasing never-ending improvement. There are no instant gratification decisions – make every single decision with the future in mind (even if it means sacrificing now so you can enjoy the rewards down the line).

Is Kelly Roach Coaching Right For You?

Working with Kelly Roach Coaching can be the secret sauce that launches your company into a new tax bracket, but your belief in yourself and your mindset will ultimately be in your hands. If you’re not ready to be a fully confident, aggressive businessperson who understands their true value, you may not be ready to work with Kelly Roach Coaching.