The influence of the planet in an anaretic degree on the birth chart

The astrological mandala, also called natal chart or astral chart is a record of the positioning of the stars at the time of birth. The mandala is a 360° circle and is divided into 12 parts and 12 signs, also called astrological houses. Each sign has 30°.

It´s important, when analyzing the birth chart, to assess in which degree of the sign a certain planet is positioned, because this can influence the interpretation. The 29°00’ to 29°59’ (anaretic degree) of a planet corresponds to the position at the extremity of a sign. That is, the planet moves in the sky within the constellations and at the time of the photo, the recording of the sky at the time of birth, that planet appears to be stationary to some degree within the sign that it was passing through at that moment. The 29°00’00” to 29°59’00” (anaretic degree) is the end of this sign, it is the last degree, before the planet passes to another. This placement is considered debilitating, as the planet is already “tired” of moving within that sign.

It’s like an analogy with our own tiredness. When we start doing a new project, we are willing, happy, hopeful, optimistic. However, as time progresses, our physical and mental enthusiasm tends to reduce and we become exhausted. The same happens with planetary movements.

Therefore, the person who presents a planet in an anaretic degree in the astral chart will present difficulties related to the astral house and the sign in which this planet is found. These difficulties can present themselves in the form of indecision, bad choices, fear of change, risks of crises, postponed decisions, unsuccessful choices and other problems.

For example, a person who has the planet Venus in the pound sign in an anaretic degree in the 2nd house will have difficulty dealing with finances in the marriage. This is because the 2nd house of the birth chart is the one related to our own finances, what we have achieved, our material possessions. A planet positioned there will dictate how we handle financial life.

The sign of Libra is a sign related to partnerships, agreements, sense of justice, pleasant and balanced relationships. This sign in the 2nd house will show that the person tends to deal with their material possessions in a fair and harmonious way. However, with Venus, the sign of love, positioned in the anaretic degree, the opposite happens, because unlike the person dealing with money in a balanced way, he will have difficulties to do this, especially when it comes to life together, that is, to the couple’s accounts. Even more because this degree is related to the difficulty of making decisions, then this person will be indecisive to manage the financial life, not knowing where to apply the money correctly. Or, it will take decisions contrary to previous planning and agreements.

It’s also relevant to know which planet is in the anaretic degree. The planets are divided into: personal, social and generational. The personnel are: sun, moon, venus, mars and mercury. The social ones are: Jupiter and Saturn. And the generations are: Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.

The presence of social planets in the anaretic degree is more impactful and relevant than the others, as the influence is greater in the individual’s personal life than in his/her life in society or across generations.

Why is this degree considered so important? Because it’s the weakest point in the birth chart, it’s the Achilles’ heel, it’s a vulnerable part. It is a fruitless point, this means that the native may have failure in some aspect of his life, even being a dedicated person. For example, Saturn at 29° may indicate that the individual won´t be successful professionally, even if he is a good professional, or will be unemployed.

Being at the extreme of a sign, it’s as if the planet were on the edge of a precipice about to jump. This analogy explains the character of urgency that the anaretic degree confers. Therefore, the person tends to be very planner, but when it comes to executing, he acts lightly, taking wrong directions for his life.

The term “anarectic degree” is part of a group of possible important placements of a planet. This group is called “critical degrees”, which correspond to the extreme degrees of a sign, that is, at the beginning (0°) or at the end (28°, 29°) and these are sensitive points of a birth chart and, therefore, they deserve attention.

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