The Incredible Health Benefits of Organic Saffron

A culinary delicacy and an olden-day home remedy for a wide range of health problems. You must have guessed what we are talking about. Saffron, organically sourced from the picturesque meadows of Kashmir, is a spice like no other. If you’ve found yourself sifting through the pages of authentic Indian, Iranian, or Moroccan cookbooks, you’d notice how irreplaceable saffron truly is. The faint floral and earthy notes emerging from an organic saffron can accentuate any dish, just like that! But did you know, this delicate and exotic spice also packs in a whole bunch of health benefits?

Let us shade some light.

Anxiety Relief

In the world of constant competition and fast-paced lifestyles, suffering from mild to severe levels of anxiety has now become a household concern. However, with a little pinch of saffron in your everyday meals, you can contain and cope with your feelings of anxiety better. Studies revealed saffron has the power to bind the brain receptors that directly contribute to feelings of anxiety.

Mood Elevator

Want a serotonin boost in the middle of a hectic work week? Looking for a way to cope with your depression? Haven’t been feeling all that good of late? Let saffron work its magic for you. Saffron is known to increase dopamine and serotonin levels which can directly help you improve your mood.

Pain Suppressor

Premium quality saffron is no less than your over-the-counter pain medications. Saffron is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and can help you avoid chronic conditions like heart disorders. But that’s not all. Saffron can prevent the inflammatory chemicals from spreading thereby suppressing pain in the long run.

Fertility Enhancer

Struggling to bring a bundle of joy to your home can be an overwhelming experience. However, adequate saffron consumption is known to improve sperm motility and egg quality which is why our elders would often recommend consuming saffron every morning if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Cognitive Function Developer

Wrestling to keep your attention in one place? A soothing cup of saffron tea right before a big day can not only help you focus better, but can also improve your memory, and learning ability too. Wondering how? That’s because saffron can amp up the blood flow to your brain while it protects your brain cells from damage.

Saffron is no doubt a magic spice that can enhance your palate and cleanse you from within. However, low-quality saffron from non-reputable sources will do just the opposite. In order to reap the full benefits of saffron, healthcare experts recommend sourcing your spice from top-notch sources only.

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