The in-depth and Complete Best Food Review


Whenever I am going to travel someplace, I check for delicacies of that particular place before booking tickets even, just exaggerating ;). But everyone tries to taste more and more mouth-watering dishes one can. So, in this article, I’m going to do the best food review.

Even writing this article was a mouth-watering experience for me. Maybe you won’t find your favourite food in our article because adding all the delicious, luxurious, and mouth-watering food in one article is next to impossible. Still, you definitely will find some new things to try.

The Best Food Review of famous worldwide foods

Ramen, Japan

The first in this best food review list is ramen. Ramen will remind you of some popular Korean drama. And if you think that it is instant noodles to satisfy your small hunger pangs, you are wrong. Trust us, the Ramen of Japan will change your presumptions about ramen.

It is made of wheat noodles and is generally served in a broth with vegetables or meat. Now, if you want a vegetarian one, your broth will also be made of vegetables. Moreover, every part of Japan has its unique kind of ramen with some alterations.

Ramen is popular in Korea too. This one is for both our vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian fellows.

Peking Duck

The second in this best food review list is Peking Duck. I feel sorry for vegetarians, but I couldn’t resist adding Peking Duck to our list. The skin of the meat will be crisped, and the meat beneath will seem untouched.

What’s different about this one is, it is cut in front of diners. You will be in a great dilemma whether to watch a skilled chef cutting and to serve it or to have a bite of this delicacy. It is served with sugar and garlic sauce first and then with pancakes.

The first bite of sweet, sour, and smoky meat with the crispy yet tender feel will purify your taste buds like some holy water. Pancake one is no less than the former. And the brain part is supposed to eat at the end. Trust me, after trying this, you will only want Peking Duck if you have some duck meat.

Sushi, Japan

The third in this best food review list is sushi. If you think that sushi will be quite fishy as raw fish meat is used to make it, you will find yourself wrong after tasting it. It has a mild fishy taste because of the salmon, eel, or tuna used as the toppings. 

But at the same time, one with octopus toppings will have a stronger flavour and smell. The fruits like mango and peaches balance the overall taste of sushi and make it more delightful. Eliot will call it a perfect example of the Unification of sensibility. (Not like the one in literature 😉 ).

The texture of rice, the taste of fish, the seasoning of the sushi, and the final touch of tropical fruits create something beyond all worldly things.

Lasagna, Italy

The fourth in this best food review list is Lasagna. Many of our readers will be finding pizza on our list. But I am not guilty; Lasagna is the accused. I am not going to tell you how it tastes. I will tell you the ingredients, and your mouth will start watering.

Meat/Vegetables, layers of flat pasta, and with ever-increasing layers a rich amount of cheese and finally our sweet, sour, and healthy hero, tomato sauce. Finally, it brings relief to our vegetarian fellows; it is vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.

Try this flood of cheese, with layers of pasta, tomato sauce, and meat or vegetables, whatever you prefer.

Dosa, India

The fifth and last one in this best food review list is Dosa. A crisp and tender roll (can be called pancake) of fermented rice batter with mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, and onions and mild yet sufficient flavours.

It is served along with sambhar, a stew or soup of gourd/pumpkin, and coconut chutney. Earlier, it was eaten in South-India, and Sri Lanka only. But now it is eaten in whole India and is popular internationally too.

Moreover, you will find some restaurants and food hubs completely dedicated to Dosas, with some fusion options.


We have done the best food review in this article. This can be the end of this article but not on the list. There are many more food delicacies which must be tried like Goulash of Hungary, Apfelstrudel / Apple strudel of Austria, Kimchi of Korea, Ramen of Japan, Paella of Spain, Kebab of Turkey, Pho of Vietnam, Donuts of USA, Pizza of Italy, Hamburger of Germany and many such more international delicacies.


  1. Is the place, as mentioned above is easily accessible?
  2. Yes, the mentioned all above places are easily accessible.
  • Is this article contains only veg foods?
  • No, this article of best food review contains both types of food.