The Important Tips For The Visitors Of St Thomas

If you’re visiting the Caribbean any time soon, then hopefully you’ll have the fortune of visiting St Thomas. A part of us, the Virgin Islands, St Thomas is one among my favorite destinations to go to. There are a bunch of things to try while in St. Thomas, but here are a number of the simplest.

If you’re keen on golf, then you’ll be happy to understand that the island features wonderful golf links called Mahogany Run. It’s a full 18 holes and one among the simplest courses the Caribbean has got to offer.

When on the island, you want to visit Magen’s Bay. Voted together of the foremost beautiful beaches within the Caribbean, Magen’s bay has the softest sand and clearest water of any beach on the island. Just devour a 6 pack and a few snacks, and post up for the day. If you would like some substantial food while at the beach, there’s a snack counter with burgers, pizza, etc.

Another great place to go to is Udder Delight. They ask themselves as “world-famous,” which I can not confirm or deny, but their shakes are fantastic. They need a mess of frozen dessert flavors and their milkshake with coffee frozen dessert, Bailey’s and banana may be a good way to finish any day at the beach.

If you’re trying to find an excellent meal on the island, look no further than thirteen. This restaurant is certainly off the beaten path, but it is the best restaurant on the island.

No trip to the island would be complete without, ironically enough, leaving the island.

You must leave St Thomas while visiting and attend St John. There’s a ferry that leaves about every hour and it’s a fast boat ride to St Thomas’ sister island. The beaches here, including Trunk Bay, are even more beautiful than the beaches on St Thomas.

If you actually want to try it right in St Thomas, you ought to rent a ship with a captain for the day. This may allow you to travel island hopping and see all that the US Virgin Islands has got to offer. For more about this, check out Virgin Islands Boat Rentals Charters