The Importance of Web Hosting Speed

In our series of white papers, we got to the sites that consume the most resources. If the basis of your content is video or live streaming, it is vital for you to find the best video hosting sites. Speed ​​web hosting is not the only important criterion. Of course, you need to think about secure data transmission. But owners of sites with built-in payment for goods and services pay more attention to this parameter. However, fast page response is also very important on such platforms. This means you need a lot of bandwidth.

Customers definitely won’t wait for a payment form or video to load. As regular polls have shown, people are not willing to wait longer than 6 seconds. This time is critical. Basically, users wait 1-2 seconds. Therefore, every site owner should regularly run a page speed test. For this, we created specialized resources and tools. Some of them are built into the site statistics control panel.

A bit of theory

Today we want to get access to the information we need without wasting too much time. This applies to everything, including the Internet. Nobody wants to wait for hours to see their favorite website on their computers or mobile phones. Thus, website loading speed is of great importance. Blogs and websites that load in an instant have a clear advantage no matter what device the user uses to view them. Also, page load speed is important for SEO as well.

Site speed depends on many factors. And web hosting is one of them.

The importance of good hosting for websites

When you open a web page, you are trying to access certain files or programs located on the web server. If this server is slow, it will take a long time to open and load this page. To perform this action, the remote server must perform three functions: execute the specified program code, manage queries to the database, and provide the necessary files.

How web hosting affects website loading speed?

What do you need to keep in mind when choosing hosting services so that your site loads quickly? If you have a personal computer, do you know which components affect the speed of its operation? If you are an experienced user, then you probably know this. Let’s find out how the various components of the server contribute during the loading of a web page.


Unlike a conventional hard drive, an SSD (Solid State Drive) offers significantly faster speeds. So, if the server uses an SSD, the site will load much faster.

Server resources

Before choosing a hosting package, it is important to consider the distribution of server resources. If you choose dedicated hosting, then, unlike shared hosting, your site will not have to “fight” with other sites for server resources such as disk space, RAM and processor speed. Thus, based on the size of your budget, you can choose either shared or dedicated hosting.

Local resources

If you store your resources on a separate server instead of a shared server, then you can enjoy higher speeds.

Additional Resources

With more processes and more memory, your server can execute queries much faster.

Faster hosting and page loading speed

When it comes to page load speed, a more advanced hosting package can have some impact on this, especially for high traffic sites. However, this impact will not be very noticeable. If your site’s loading speed is poor, then you might want to look for another hosting provider.

Optimizing your code isn’t always enough if you need faster page load speeds. Before paying for a more expensive hosting package, make sure that your site really needs a faster server to get better performance.

If your site is hosted on a slow server, then under no circumstances will it load quickly. For the site to meet all modern requirements, you need to choose the best one and buy this hosting for the site. This is the only way you can satisfy all the needs of your site.

Mini checklist for those who need high speed website hosting:

  • Your site offers a video directory;
  • you are planning regular live broadcasts;
  • Your information site is very large and includes many sections and subsections with links to them.

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