The importance of theater in education

The theater, due to its formative and human value, acts with different essential objectives of education

¿Which is the importance of theater in education? The theater is one of the oldest and most primary artistic manifestations known to man, it occupied a great place since it was a phenomenon from which society could expose in a tone of tragedy or comedy those elements that characterized its daily life.

The theater is an educational activity where the student has his approach as a spectator of theatrical performances or through literature or oral expressions, as published by the portal «Other voices in education». The theater is a teaching tool for the development of creativity, interpretation, memory, and expressive and personal skills, all of these skills are very essential for people’s communication. Thought of as a learning process and not as a result, it allows the development of individual and group creativity, stimulates joint integration through dramatic play, developing bonds and personal trust.

The theater helps children to improve language, understanding, and especially expression. They expand their vocabulary; improve pronunciation, intonation, and vocalization; allow you to know your high, low, strong, and weak voice. It encourages the shyest children to gradually lose that fear of interacting with others or speaking in public and to accept themselves, therefore promoting good socialization, self-esteem, and personal autonomy. And not only that, but it also emphasizes cooperation and teamwork and makes them feel that they are part of a group of equals.

The importance of theater in education lies in the fact that, due to its formative and human value, it acts with different essential objectives of education, since it develops and reinforces the individual capacities and social skills of students and teachers, integrating the entire Community.

By Aptus Propuestas Educativas