The Importance of Reading African American Literature Books

February 1st is the day that commences Black History Month. It’s a prospect to encourage and celebrate African Americans’ achievements. This also serves as an important reminder of how the acts of racism have extended and continued, providing discernibility to change these perceptions. There are several ways one can get involved to learn the ideologies behind the African American history books and celebrate and support the people of the Black community and even beyond. We, as a community, can educate ourselves and others to understand and appreciate African American participation in various popular fields of technology and other meaningful activities. The history of the Black community branches in several routes, and we can learn from many famous Black personalities. Roy L. Clay Sr. stands apart for his outstanding triumphs in the tech world. Author Roy L. Clay Sr. has also written his masterpiece novel ‘Unstoppable: The Unlikely Story of A Silicon Valley God Father’ which is undoubtedly one of the best books on Silicon Valley that readers will immensely enjoy reading!

The African American Storytellers Have Historically been Demoted & Marginalized

Reading novels by Black writers about their considerable contributions to the country and learning about African American golfers and scientists is particularly important in a world where the views and opinions of Black storytellers have been excluded for a long time in the fields of mainstream media. According to many popular newspaper magazines, people of color, cast, and race wrote only 11% of the books published in 2018, and only 5% of novelists in the publishing world were recognized as African American citizens. All these events occurred in a huge publication industry where 76% of the publishing team, review journal workforce, and literary managers were white.

The most significant reason why managers usually dismiss novels written by Black writers is that they are immense “niche.” They are whether “excessively Black” or “not sufficiently Black.” All through the history of the literary world, Black people’s opinions and views have been looked down upon over infinite times. And this poor and unfair depiction should be alarming to all readers. But unfortunately, discrimination of authorship ultimately leads to single-sided storytelling. And although self-publishing has been drastically shifting all through the years, there’s still a long journey ahead and miles to go if we endeavor to provide equal weight to writers of all creeds and races.

What Is the Significance of Reading Novels Written by Black Writers?

Purchasing and reading novels written by African American authors is an important initiative to help people better comprehend the world around them and discern what it means to be a Black individual. We can truly understand their ideologies by enriching ourselves in learning different human experiences and by divulging ourselves to new perceptions.

Myriad stories and famous books by renowned authors can help us demolish these barriers of stereotypes, bias, and inequality. These stories are the main aspects that can nurture and create inclusiveness and produce empathy when we read them. These stories need to be heard because they can create a sense of reflection for people of diverse identities within our society. And it can be a significant way to understand what measures can be taken to end these differences.

Share Novels Written Especially By Black Writers

Reading books by Black authors is just one simple thing, but sharing and spreading information about those books can significantly help to intensify Black people’s views and opinions. We can always start spreading and sharing with word-of-mouth action. However, we must prioritize sharing helpful information on public forums, whatever meaningful content we read. Generally, people prefer to pick up a random book that someone they know often recommends. Always tell your family and friends about the books you’ve started reading by Black authors, and share your thoughtful and meaningful reviews about the book with them when you’ve finished reading.

Follow Black Authors on Social Platforms

When you read a good book, you dearly enjoyed or learned a meaningful lesson from, always recommend it on social websites. Social media is crucial in promoting and publishing books and dispersing the word. Follow Black authors on social platforms and don’t just follow them on public forums; interact and engage with their shared content and publicize their posts. Create a motivating video showing off the list of your favorite books by Black novelists and share your books and content related to those books on your social networks, among your friend circles, and also your book clubs.  

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