The Importance Of Organic & Biodegradable Pads

Biodegradable sanitary napkins have very less or no plastic at all and are now available. These pads are free from toxins and chemicals and have no added fragrance. These eco-friendly pads are being made in India, which are completely natural, free from plastic, safe, and do not cause allergies, itching, or infections.

Traditional menstrual pads contain chemicals called dioxins that are created by the bleaching process used to make the material look bright-white. However, this is extremely alarming because exposure to these chemicals has been linked to cancer. 

According to the World Health Organization, dioxins can also cause hormone issues, trouble with your immune system, reproductive issues such as painful periods and endometriosis, as well as developmental problems.

Points that are not really mentioned amongst common sanitary pads:

  • On average, a woman uses between 7,000 and 17,000 sanitary napkins during her lifetime that translates to nearly 7 years of wearing sanitary pads.
  • Sanitary napkins contain chemicals that can irritate and harm the delicate skin around the vagina causing allergic reactions, rashes and itching, and infections.
  • Many sanitary napkins even contain chlorine which can lead to cervical cancer.
  • In addition, the most popular sanitary napkins contain nearly 90% plastic making them non-biodegradable and polluting the environment.

Why switch to biodegradable pads?

Unlike traditional pads composed of horrible manmade fibers, organic pads made with organic cotton allow your skin to breathe while keeping you dry — all thanks to an absorbent cellulose core. 

This softer material also reduces the risk of pesky allergies and skin irritation that can result from the plastic content of standard pads. You will also have a much lower risk for fungal and bacterial infections that can result when airflow is limited to this sensitive area.  

Of late many like-minded individuals and corporations have started to make biodegradable, natural, chemical, and plastic-free sanitary napkins for women looking for alternatives to synthetic pads that are safe for the women and environment-friendly as well.

Importantly, these individuals have succeeded in removing the stigma and shame associated with periods and the taboo associated with discussing menses and sanitary pads among young girls and women and making them aware of their right to a safe and trouble-free period and to take care of their bodies.

Helps local farmers

If you’re still looking for reasons as to why you should make the switch to these pads, look no further! Using organic pads not only helps the environment but also helps farmers who supply their raw materials to companies making these chemical-free pads. 

Farms that provide these raw materials for making organic pads grow them organically and without the use of any harmful pesticides. Hence, pads made from these substances are chemical-free. 

The farmers who provide raw materials required for the manufacturing of these sanitary pads, grow them organically without using any harmful pesticides or herbicides. This protects their land from the health impacts of dangerous chemicals so that they remain fit for growing crops. 

Since insecticides are not used in organic farming, birds, insects like bees, and butterflies are protected from unintended and unnecessary harm. This increases the pollination and also, the population of the insects. So, if you wish to have fertile earth, it is wise to choose organic sanitary pads.

Key takeaway

The chemicals present in the normal sanitary pads are highly toxic to the most absorbent part of your body, the vagina. The top layers of the natural sanitary pads are very soft when compared to the conventional sanitary pads in which top layers are made of synthesized plastics. 

Hence the organic sanitary pads keep your vagina free from rashes, irritation, and skin allergies. The risk of getting an infection due to the bacteria is very less when using these natural pads.