The Importance of Opening an Online Store

Customers are inclined towards online shopping and they account for nearly 10 % of total sales of retailers. It’s safe to say that creating an online store in India is increasingly significant to the success of the business.

What is eCommerce?

The term e-commerce refers to the procedures of buying and selling goods and services on the Internet. Retailers have started a trend to incorporate e-commerce solutions to allow customers to browse online and pick up in the nearby store.

Small businesses, independent retailers and large corporations can immensely benefit from integrating e-commerce solutions into their business models. Similar to any digital technology, e-commerce has continued to develop rapidly. Now, almost any entrepreneur or business owner can create an online dukan in minutes.

Online Store Vs. Brick And Mortar Store

The retail apocalypse of 2017 created tug of war between conventional stores and ecommerce channels, making business owners feel like the time has come to choose one channel over the other. Omni channel has the capability to synergize all these channels, creating a connected experience to clients by providing them choice in how they intend to interact with the retailer.

Having dual options satisfies the requirements of a broader customer base. Multiple retailers have clients who would prefer to order nearly everything online. Others are inclined to see something before they make a final choice. Providing multiple options is more probable to create repeat customers which mean increased revenue in the long run.

Considerations For Beginning An Online Store

To get started in making sales through online dukans, you’ll need to establish an ecommerce website for the business, set up payment, list the products and set up you web portal business operations.  Business owners should carefully consider the following components to successfully create a store in India.

Taking secure payments: Online payments should be accepted through all major cards and with lower processing fees.

Keeping inventory in synchronization: Online orders and in-person orders, inventory and items should be automatically synced with each other. Business owners should take care not to oversell inventory between multiple locations and should make sure that business operations are more capable of order fulfilment, product tracking and shipping.

Running an e-commerce operation:  

Businesses should select plans that provide high-level features like integrated shipping, discounted rates and real-time rates.  As the scope and breadth of the business grow, more robust plans need to be designed to meet the new demands.

Customization of the website:

Creating an online store in India can be done with flexibility by ensuring an ideal layout for the business. Online dukans can be integrated with fonts, colours and layout elements that make the brands more appealing to customers.

Strategy modification to include all sales channels:

Assimilating an Omnichannel approach into the business strategy creates a wonderful shopping experience for customers, whether that’s on their computer, mobile device or in person.


Creating an online e-commerce store in India helps business owners to promote their business through multiple channels by giving customers more options to find you and buy your products.

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