The importance of office design

The importance of office design lies in providing comfort to the employees. In addition to ergonomic furniture, lighting, colours, ventilation, etc. are design elements that can be used to make the environment comfortable. More and more now, an office is so much more than a place an employee or group of employees all go to work. It is a space now of great and vast importance.

Undertaking a new design

When thinking about your office layout, it’s important to find a balance between open office space and private spaces. In recent years, many newer offices adopted the open office concept that allows for employee interaction and idea sharing, but it’s not ideal for every workspace. Carefully consider the needs and personalities of your employees and aim to strike a balance between communal and private spaces where employees can focus or recharge. Coffee rooms with a few tables, cafés or lounge areas work well, and quiet workspaces can give some employees a much-needed area to concentrate.

Be sure to consult with your employees. It might sound obvious, but far too many companies design a workplace around what they “think” their employees want. This is instead of what is actually needed. While you may not be able to accommodate every request, it may still provide insight into a few important needs that would not have been addressed otherwise. Office Design in London is now big business.

Light is key too

Slogging it out day after day in a drab, artificially lit room without natural ventilation or a window to even glance out of might just send you sprinting to the nearest recruitment agency. We need natural light, it just makes us feel good. Also, research shows that offices with large areas of glazing have lower sickness levels. This is with everyone feeling more laid back and more motivated to power through their workload. Natural ventilation is also key when it comes to boosting productivity.


People spend the majority of their time at their respective offices. Hence the design of these buildings must fulfill their requirements and provide services that the employees themselves can’t think of for their well-being and enhanced performance. A good office design not only motivates people but also makes them feel comfortable. This is to sit and work for a prolonged period.

There are reports that state people working in dingy and noisy spaces lead a more stressful life. This is than those working in innovative and modern-day offices. The staff works extra hard and round-the-clock, and so they deserve a place with meaningful designs. A well-designed office layout is not just about aesthetics instead the design must incorporate elements. These are the ones that enhance the working experience and workplace environment such as natural light. Also on quality acoustics, purified air, and a connection with nature. In conclusion, offices should be both pleasant and healthy to be in.