The Importance of Legal Assistance in Workers’ Compensation Cases

When Oversight Fails: The Role of Attorneys

A recent audit of Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation Commission revealed significant issues, one of which was the failure to identify employers lacking proper insurance coverage. In such situations, the importance of having knowledgeable Glen Burnie, Maryland Workers Compensation Attorneys cannot be overstated. They can act as a vital safety net for employees who might otherwise be left unprotected.

Records and Financial Lapses: How Attorneys Can Safeguard Interests

Another alarming finding from the audit was that the Commission failed to maintain complete records on cases and to verify that collections from employers and insurance companies were deposited correctly. An adept Workers Compensation Attorney can help clients navigate such administrative hurdles, ensuring that their claims are properly filed and followed through.

Insufficient Checks and Balances: Where Attorneys Fit In

The audit also criticized the Commission for its lack of verification mechanisms, raising questions about its effectiveness. When it comes to protecting workers, attorneys play a crucial role by independently verifying facts and figures, thereby ensuring that employees’ rights are not compromised due to bureaucratic failures.

The Numbers Tell a Story

The audit examined more than 22,000 claims filed with the Commission in fiscal year 2022. Astonishingly, it found that more than 1,600 businesses did not have proper worker’s compensation insurance. In-depth checks on 20 such businesses revealed that 19 were uninsured. Skilled Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney can make a significant difference in such cases by helping injured workers get the compensation they deserve.

The Commission’s Response and Future Steps

Following the audit, Commission Chair Maureen Quinn agreed with the findings and promised to modernize its compliance program. Attorneys can be instrumental in holding such organizations accountable for their actions and demanding improvements that benefit workers.

Conclusion: The Invaluable Assistance of Attorneys

The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission’s audit revelations indicate severe shortcomings that put the welfare of workers at risk. However, legal professionals can act as the last line of defense, ensuring that administrative failures do not result in injustice for employees.

By keeping abreast of such developments, Glen Burnie Attorneys specialize in protecting workers’ rights, ensuring that they are not lost in the sea of administrative and legislative complexities.