The importance of keeping drains clear

Clean drains also reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs. After all, clogged pipes are one of the most common causes of costly home repairs. Keeping the drains clean is like keeping the walking areas clear of a home. It can also be a key and great way to rid out any odors too. For any homeowner, it is a no brainer and great service to be sure to invest in.

Clean drains keeps your plumbing happy and healthy. If you ignore keeping your drains cleared of any accumulations they will become clogged and blockage will cause some massive issues in time to come for you. Regular cleaning can actually increase the lifespan of your drains and make sure damage is really limited. A drain clearance can help in no end of ways to how well your drain is able to work for you.

Keeping your drains healthy

The health of your drainage system apart, regular drain cleaning also keeps you and your house safe. An unclean or clogged drain is prone to give out odours or even leak sewage water into your home. Both issues pose a threat to your comfort and overall health. Moreover, the sewer water can also leak into the inner structure of your house and weaken it subsequently. How does one know if the drain needs cleaning? You can easily look out for certain symptoms of blocked drains and carry out a cleaning accordingly.

These symptoms include a sulphurous odour, slow draining sink, overflowing sinks and toilets and gurgling showers, sinks and toilets. Note that not all these symptoms occur at the same time. What are the causes of these drain clogs? Surprisingly enough, most blocked drains are the result of wrong disposal practices. This refers to flushing or throwing into the drain things that a drain is not built for. These include hair, soap grease, toiletries, sanitary products, kitchen oil and fat, and foreign objects like toys.

Good drainage is key all round

The first, and often most noticeable, benefit of cleaning your drains is that they will drain more quickly than before. Water will not “stand” in the drain and only slowly gurgle its way down the pipe (if your sink is emptying that slowly, then the drain probably needs to be cleaned). A clean kitchen drain or and other water fixtures, will be less likely to overflow or develop standing water. This is even more important in toilet drains, as keeping these pipes clear will help to prevent backflow.

You can avoid terrible odors from clear drains

While you might associate the occurrence of foul odors with your toilet, failure to clean any drain can allow the buildup of mould and bacteria, which in turn can produce unpleasant smells in your home. Remember, mould spores love a dark, damp environment, and the interior of your home’s drains have darkness and dampness to spare. Don’t just rely on the regular flow of water to wash away these spores, as it may not be enough. Giving your drain a thorough cleaning can destroy or at least wash away these mould spores and prevent bacteria from setting in. A clean drain, especially a clean bathroom drain, will prohibit fetid mould from growing and thriving.

Overall – why you need to keep you drains clear

Of course, knowing how to properly clean your drain pipes is critical to unlocking the benefits of drain cleaning. Many people, for the sake of ease of use, will use chemical drain cleaners to clear clogged pipes in their home. While limited use of such products is unlikely to cause permanent damage to pipes, overuse or improper use of these lye-based products can cause harm to both the pipes and the user (lye corrodes human skin on contact). However, these chemical treatments are still insufficient to the task of actually cleaning your home’s pipes, as they do not scour buildup from the sides, but simply flow past without actually cleaning the pipe.