The Importance of Illustrations in Children’s Books

When it comes to children’s books, the first and the foremost important thing that you have to keep in mind is that the book must contain illustrations. If you take a look at books that are meant for children, you will see that they are always full of colorful pictures and cartoons. Have you ever wondered? If you think back, you will see that some of these illustrations will remember you for a long time into your adulthood as well. So, what is the importance of illustrations?  

Come, let’s find out:  

  • A child is always trying to build associations and is trying to understand the world. When they have pictures, it is easier for them to create associations and form meanings in their brains. For example, if you are reading a story about a cow which is accompanied by a picture of the cow along with it, then it becomes easier for them to form associations which make their learning process more accurate and useful and of course fun for them. Thus, having illustrations makes it fun for children to learn! 
  • Most books for children book illustrations with stories, and these are particularly important when it comes to stories. Why? Because the context of a story is essential and getting the context right is something that children might need. For example, suppose they are reading David Copperfield for beginners, and it is set in the Victorian Age. So, how do they know what the English Victorian Age looked like? This is where the illustrations come in handy. They are essential for the children to understand what has been written and helps to form an accurate background of the setting mentioned in the book.  
  • Well, think about this – you are passing by two signs – one with a set of instructions and the other with the same set of instructions, but with proper illustrations. Which one are you most likely to read? Even as adults, we are drawn more towards content which has an illustration, simply because of the visual appeal, and it is more so the case when it comes to children. They respond quickly to illustrations, and it helps in understanding and keeping them engaged as well. Illustrations make it more attractive for children.   
  • Another essential reason why illustrations are necessary is that they begin to form character identities, and their imagination is mainly shaped by the illustrations that they come across. Thus, suggesting books which have pictures by a good children book illustrator is very important to make sure that they get the proper initiation.  
  • Although less explored but effective is the power of illustration that these books have on children who have a flair for drawing. For example, if there is a budding artist in the child, they are most likely to refer to the illustrations in their books and try and copy them out. Hence illustrations are also beneficial this way.  

Illustrations are a vital part of any book for children. So, when you pick out a book, make sure that the illustrations are excellent!