The Importance of Honoring Your Donors

If you run an organization, you will likely hold fundraising events to raise funds. It is all well and good asking people to donate their money, but it is just as important you offer them some form of recognition for donating.

According to The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), honoring your donors is crucial because, in terms of honoring the intent of their donation, it helps build trust between both the organization and the donor – a sentiment that means they are more likely to donate again if they know their money is being used for the right purposes.

Even if donors do not set out any intentions in their donation, it’s still important you recognize it as it’s polite to do so and can help you build relationships within your community.

Of course, some donors may not want any form of recognition. Some people may be more than happy to donate any amount of money and may want to remain anonymous. This could be for several reasons, including feeling a bit shy or simply just not wanting people to know how much money they donated.

In cases like this, you could always give them a phone call personally just to say thank you. Or alternatively, you could send them a little keepsake to show your appreciation. A simple written letter of thanks for their donation or even a video message may be more than enough.

However, many organizations are turning to new and unique ways to express gratitude to their donors, notably in the form of merchandise and personalized momentums. For example, you could send your donor an engraved brick as a way of showing your appreciation, which could feature your organization’s logo on the brick or a customized message as a special way of saying ‘thank you.’

On the other hand, there will be other donors that are more than willing to have their names put out there to show that they have donated to your organization. In these instances, there are plenty of other ideas you could put into practice to publicly show your appreciation for them.

One of these ways is to make a list on your website of all the people who have donated to your organization. This way, when people come to your website, they will be able to see everyone who has donated. You could also give your donors a shoutout on social media, and in both cases, this may help encourage more people to get in touch with your organization and possibly donate more funds.

You could even add a little something within your organization so that should any of your donors come to visit, they will be able to see that their efforts have been appreciated. This could involve creating a donor wall within your organization that has each donor’s name on it or even naming a project after a donor if they give a large sum. Doing this will allow donors to see exactly where their money is going and will help you build a strong relationship with them. Plus, it may encourage donors to donate more in the future.

Regardless of how you thank your donors, it’s important to ensure each ‘thank you’ is personal. This can help to make your donors feel important and appreciated and shows them that their donation matters to you. The result? It could encourage them to continue donating to your organization and offer even larger amounts.